Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cafe Terra: Entha Awesomeness

Breakfast is my favourite meal. I could have it for all three meals. The only sad part is that breakfast buffets are often expensive. Rao and I decided to celebrate last Tuesday (a surprise holiday due to by-elections in Govindrajpur) by treating ourselves to nice breakfast. After much cajoling and threats of physical violence, Sow joined us too. We got up at the break of dawn and traversed half the city to finally land at Cafe Terra in Koramangala Fourth Block. Avni and Rads had been raving about this place for ages, enough to make my slothful self sacrifice a few hours of sleep and see what all the fuss was about.

The place is on the first floor, sparsely decorated and seats around twenty people. We sat near the window which offers you a view of the hustle and bustle of the road below and a residential lane from which a surprisingly large number of cute guys emerged. We were also happy at seeing the rates and were so hungry from our hour long journey that we ordered a huge breakfast.

We each ordered a Belgian Breakfast which comprised Belgian Waffles, Muffin and grilled potato (Rs. 110). Along with this we ordered a tomato and cheese omelette, pancakes, spinach and cheese crepe, juice and coffee. After much manoeuvring and adjusting all the plates on our tiny table, we dug in. The waffles were incredible. Nicely done, sprinkled with sugar and drowned in maple syrup. Heaven! The muffin avoided being oversweet and the potatoes were grilled nicely and provided the much needed spice in the midst of all that sugar. The spinach and cheese crepe was decent but taste of egg was a little too strong for me. Don't order the pancakes. It's the only thing I did not like. The pancakes were huge and served three in a plate but rather thick and the taste was biscuity.

The true star of the meal though was the tomato and cheese omlette. Just the right balance of salt and cheese, served with toast and grilled potatos. It was soft and yummy and just the way god intended omlettes to be(sighs wistfully!). The bill came to around 170 bucks a person and was worth all the effort and money involved in getting there. I left the place with a conteded smile and considerably tighter jeans. Such is the price we pay for good food.


Unknown said...

ur welcome :)

shit we had toh only had the belgian breakfast and had no place for anything else....u guys managed to try out other stuff also ya!!

i loved the comics n all kept on the side...nice touch

Unknown said...

I was also supposed to go somewhere for breakfast on that day but didn't wake up! But yeah i agree with your sentiments on breakfast...what a meal! And sounds like you got a really good deal also :D Shall try the place.

Shruti said...

Having paid many more visits to this place I would also recommend the spinach, garlic and corn omlette. Apparently the ham basket is pretty awesome too.

Unknown said...

Back when it was called Belgian Cafe, there was the hottest guy there who served us on weekends whom my gfs and I lovingly used to call Waffle Boy ;) So it was incredible waffles + comics + eye candy + awesome conversations with Waffle Boy! He is now a dear friend :)

Your choice of places is so much like mine that it feels like we're practically the same! ;)

Shruti said...

Sadly, there are no more waffle boys there :( Though the general area houses some cute boys

Keep the comments coming and do spread the word :)

Unknown said...

since u asked me to post this when i told u about cousin and i saw the table next to us eating thukpa and momos at cafe terra....decided to order the momos, though i was quite apprehensive as to how they would be...the momo's didnt disappoint...very thin covering, nice chicken filling...

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