Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Garam Naram Punjabi Dhaba: A study in mediocrity

On a Saturday night after finishing a day long trek (Read: Crawling Uphill) and being hungry enough to eat paper, we hit Bobby Da Dhaba. We chose Bobby Da Dhaba - a) For its rumoured Awesome food. b) Because it was one of the few places that would give us lots of food for the scant money we had and c) Since it was the only place that would take us as we were - bringing all the grime of the jungle with us.

As you probably would have noticed by now, this is NOT a review of Bobby Da Dhaba. We couldn't reach the sanctum sanctorum that day, being stuck at the fag end of a waiting line of monstrous proportions. With our stomachs threatening to eat us alive, we frantically looked around another place that would satisfy out three fold requirements. Enter the Garam Naram Punjabi Dhaba.

The one brainstroke that the proprietor of this Dhaba had was in placing it right next to Bobby Da Dhaba and achieving the same air of casual indifference. This makes desperate souls, like us, hope that it might share attributes with its neighbour and could be a hitherto undiscovered gem in Bangalore. KK jumped in at this point to proclaim that she had heard someone raving about the place next to Bobby Da Dhaba which served food just as good and which no one knew about.
As the following paragraph will reveal, all our hopes were dashed and there is a reason why no one talks about this place (except KK's mysterious source).

The service was fairly quick and the rates cheap. That and the insane amounts of butter on the parathas are about the best things there. The parathas were average and the rest of the order nothing to write home about (if you do end up going to this place, order the choley amritsari. Its not great but its better than the rest). The quantities were adequate. Its the only dhaba I have eaten where the dahi was so sour (quite like mess dahi except that I paid 15 bucks and travesed the city for this). The truly obnoxious part about the place was the service with the waiter snapping at us (i'm still amazed by this) for ordering extra parathas.

All in all the Garam Naram Punjabi Dhaba is average on most counts, except for the service which is atrocious. Just wait it out at Bobby Da Dhaba.


vikramhegde said...

Or you can walk 50 meters to Nachiaiyar which has awesome Chettinad food. I understand that if you went to Bobby Dhaba you probably are dead set on having punjabi food but I vote for N'aiyar when faced with an hour long wait at bobby's.

Shruti said...

does it have veg food? chettinad is largely non veg no?

krithika said...

hahahaha oh my god! for the nth time, you write just the way you talk!! :D

also, chettinadu is where the famous adai originated shru!! it has loads for vegetarians too. in fact, saiva-chettiyars are a subset of chettiars who only have vegetarian!

Unknown said...


I know how she writes (read the blog posts), so i can fairly imagine how she talks (correlated based on your piquant information)
But where does she talk?!!! I mean, who is she and what does she do?!

-Curious cat!

P.S:- In case you catch her talking errr.. i mean you meet her, tell her that I (i hope i built some rapport and you know me by now) am simply and completely in love with her writing and style of it!!

Unknown said...

haha she is a happy foodie! btw who is this?

p.s. you can mail her at

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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