Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Infinitea: A Big Thumbs Up

This isn't my first visit here and it definitely won't be my last. Situated on Cunningham Road, right next to Shezan, this place is a typical Bangalore establishment that I adore.

So one chilly Sunday night, four of us set out to Infinitea to once again taste its various culinary delights. The ambiance is soft and understated. It' the type of place where you can enjoy a long, relaxed meal and talk for ages without being hurried along by harried waiters. That said, this is also not the place to go for a quick lunch since the service is a little lazy. Another caveat is that this place is always filled with law schoolites. So not the place to go have a cozy meal for two (as someone(s) found out that night :) ).

For starters, we ordered Mozarella Fritters - these were fried cubes of cheese and it would be a little difficult to go wrong with these. The dip was tomato based and tangy - a nice complement. KK and the other carnivores also ordered dragon puppets (a chicken starter) which was nice and filling, apparently. Pasta Putanesca is what I chose to order that day and it was a fine choice. It was penne tossed in a tangy tomato sauce with olives, garlic, other veggies and garnished with parmesan cheese (Drool!). Another hot favourite here is the lasagna. Much to KK's dismay, they rarely have chicken lasagna and one must make do with its vegetarian brother (or sister??)(On this occasion she actually complained about it while the rest of us hid behind our menus). Still, the lure of the cheesy lasagna proved too much and KK settled for the vegetarian lasagna. While many of my friends swear by this dish, I find it a little too cheesy (Yes, I can hear the loud gasps). Can something be too cheesy? Yes, it can. While the first bite or two is heavenly, it becomes a little bland and monotonous after that. Towards the end, one ends up adding copious amounts of oregano and chilli flakes and in which case one might as well have ordered the double cheese margherita at Dominos. I still recommend that you try it at least once. The quantities are good and meant for those with healthy Indian appetites.

And now we come to the truly exciting part about the place - the tea (Surprise! Surprise!). I'm not a huge fan of hot tea but I love the Assam tea here (I can't remember the exact name). The way they serve the tea makes it all the more special. On this occasion however, I chose to play safe with standard lemon ice tea. Someone ordered the chocolate tea milkshake, which is very nice but has hardly any tea in it. They might as well have labeled it chocolate milkshake (but then it wouldn't sound half as exotic and lure us poor souls to order it, would it?). And Rads insists that I recommend the black currant ice tea (If it turns out to be bad, please feel free to throw things at her. Actually, feel free to throw things at her anyways).

The cheesecake here is awesome. However, it might be better to take a little walk to Fresco's and have the dessert there (More on the dessert at Fresco's (Heaven!) later). I only wish they had a greater vegetarian selection. But you should most definitely try this place. It receives a Big thumbs up from me.


pooja said...

Shroooti... You should also recommend the Mango ice tea at Infinitea... And Baked Chicken Parmigiana....

Life's Like That... said...


Concentrate more on the food and less on the people... :P

Unknown said...

jerk :P

krithika said...

i didnt know they had veg lasagna. i used to avoid infinitea simply because they hardly had anything for veggies. now, i say lets go! :D

desitraveller said...

Frescos closed down!

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