Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sandy's Chocolate Laboratory / When Pigs Fly Part 1

This entire series is dedicated to the swine flu break in the middle of the trimester, leading to much eating, traveling and general excitement. I decided to join Pandey and LP in Chennai for some time and that is how I ended up at this place on a blistering Tuesday afternoon. The Lab is situated in R.A.Puram in a lazy residential locality.

It is, as the name suggests, dedicated to the pursuit of chocolate in all its various shapes, forms and sizes. They even have a chocolate lasagna (Now, I didn'y try that cause I truly believe that is too much chocolate). First, we tried out 'that really tiny chocolate cake' (Ya, you guessed right, it was HUGE). The cake was heavenly because it wasn't monotonous and chocolatey (This,I maintain is the fatal flaw in 'Death by Chocolate' at Corner House). The layers brought out the different flavours of chocolate and it was not over sweet either. The cake was spongy, soft and perfect.

Next, we ordered the chocolate fondue. It was melted dark chocolate flavoured with cookies and irish liquer. Pears, apples and bananas were provided along with it. The 3 of us split the fondue but I still thought it was too much chocolate. There was barely a hint of the cookies and the irish cream and it boiled down to melted dark chocolate. After a point, this got too much for me. That said everyone should try the fondue at least once. Just remember to split it.

Needing a break from that overdose of chocolate and as part of my continuing quest to find the 'awesomest' cheesecake, I ordered the petit four cheesecake. I think it's safe to say that this won't be making the list. It tasted funny - more like cream than cheese. After this we headed out for lunch at Eatalica (Did I mention we have healthy appetites ;) ).

The total bill came to Rs. 110 per person which considering all that we ate was a sweet deal.
They also have the most heavenly sounding chocolate potions on the menu. If anyone does try this, do let me know. All in all, it was a wonderful experience and a MUST try for anyone who loves chocolates (who doesn't?!!).


MT said...

You should also try the Cafe in Chamiers road right next to Oryza spa. Its been my favorite for many years now (almost 6 I rekon).

sankalp srivastava said...
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Chaos chicken said...

note to self: go to the chocolate laboratory..

do try out the cheesecake at sparkys..very cheesy and creamy..not the best i have had..but in my top 10

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