Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Spiga (the new one): Falls way below expectations

The old Spiga was one of my favourite restaurants and I have taken many visiting relatives, family friends and even my reluctant mother to experience its culinary delights. The ambiance, the food, the prices - everything suited me to a T. Upon its closure, I frequented Couch but it wasn't quite the same. So, when the new Spiga opened few people were as excited as me. We wore our finest feathers and set out to reclaim our favourite haunt.

It's located on St. Marks Road, down the road from Ice 'n' Spice. The decor doesn't recreate the cosy, old-worldness of the Old Spiga but that's OK. The decor is minimalist and white. The lighting is pretty and the chairs funky.

For starters, the veggies ordered Mexican pizza and the carnivores decided to stick to soup. Both were good choices, though I think the Mexican pizza could be better if a little guacomole was added.

For main course, I ordered a veg. raviolli. The serving was ridiculously small and the taste was so average I could cry. The fact that 2 weeks on, I can't remember a thing about it's taste but I', still outraged by the size of the serving says it all. Ganje ordered Mexican tacos and the wrap was hard and dry - like a roti in the mess (Ugh!!). The carnivores has some nice things to say but even there, Pandey agreed that the quantities were for the size zero ilk.

After that disappointing experience, we didn't bother to stick around for dessert and headed to Ice 'n' Spice instead. The meal cost me around Rs. 300 and was sooo not worth it. Others (my dad, R) seem to have had better experiences at the place. At this point, however, I can't imagine going back there.

I give the new Spiga a big thumbs down, especially if you are veggie. And yet another Bangalore favourite goes down the drain (Sniff! Sniff!).


Unknown said...

to everyone reading this review...if ur non-vegetarian, spiga's exactly how it was earlier...the meditteranean and red wine chicken that avni and i had were awesome and the oreo cheesecake was just like before :)

Shreya said...

I agree with Radhika! It was awesome chicken food! :)

Bhavya said...

I had the prawns-bacon pasta, and it was pretty bad. But my bro said the steak was good. And yeah, I agree, the cheesecake is still awesome, but looks much smaller than the one that was served at the old place.
My greatest issue is what they've done to the decor. It looks like every other restaurant now. The old Spigas was special for the way it made you feel the minute you entered the place.

Unknown said...

i dont think vegetarians should be allowed to write food reviews, they really shouldn't. and the new spiga was quite a pleasant surprise. i had a very enjoyable experience, and the fact that its open air only added to its charm. good food, good decor, great experience.

Benarasi Bahu said...

I had the greek fish, with olives, soaked in a sauce of white wine and lime, fresh pine nuts sprinkled on it with potato hasselback and feta!
it was HEAVEN! My friends had chicken parmigiana and steak and may i restate: they were heavenly too!
the ambience was pleasant, the service prompt and polite.
Overall an incredible food journey...please go there

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