Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Egg Factory: Eggcellent :) :) :)

Ok ok, so the title is a little obvious but I couldn't help myself. A holiday on Thursday saw Aditi and me heading out to TEF for brunch. It's located on St. Marks Road behind Deewar Wine Stores. The decor is quite unique with pipes running all over and quirky quotes . The ambiance screams casual comfort and I loved that. The menu reads like an instruction manual and is interesting and extensive.

To begin with we ordered the 3 cheese omlette. Surprisingly it was light and fluffy and one could discern the three different cheeses. I ordered a Fruit Blast and Aditi ordered a Tropical Hawaii. The fruit blast was a banana strawberry smoothie and simply yumm (slurp! slurp!). Aditi's drink was an exotic concoction which was refreshing (Personally, I think the Fruit Blast was better).

Next we ordered the Basil Pesto (it's part of a new pasta menu there)which was my favourite. The sauce was different and I really really liked it. It broke the traditional tomato and cheese sauce barrier and was a pleasant surprise. After this we ordered the Curry Vindaloo which was the only dish that didn't quite hit the mark. It had too much ginger for my liking and it was slightly undercooked. The parathas were a bit dry too.

To round off the meal we ordere the chocolate sin and that was delicious. Whipped cream on top, a large layer of dark chocolate mousse and a wonderful crust. Soooo many calories but soooo totally worth it.
Apart from this, TEF also has an array of interesting dishes. I want to try the fritatas some time and the French toast is brilliant. Our meal cost around Rs. 500 (including tip). The quantities are decent and should be enough for one person. Everything about this place appealed to me and I strongly recommend this place for a light, lazy meal.


A ditty said...

aI've had frittatas at TEF and they are lovely. Also, caramel custard is a must try.

Swat said...

Hey that's helpful.. thanks. :)
You should also go to this place in front of TEF called The Chocolate Room and write about it. :) The place is brilliant if you're a chocoholic!

Shruti said...

Visited this place with ShruR and adored it's calm, casual feel (yet again). I also recommend the Eggs florentine which is boiled eggs in a bed of spinach and cheese and the Mexican Dish which is rice based and has some very interesting spices

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