Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veena Stores and Halli Mane: Old Bangalore Series Part I

These holidays I took a break from blogging too, but fear not I'm Baaaaack! So I was going through my blog the other day and I realized I haven't reviewed any Old Bangalore institutions which is rather sad and therefore I've decided to dedicate a series to the cause.

Halli Mane: Roughly translated this means Village House. This establishment prides itself on serving authentic Karnataka cuisine. It's located on 3rd cross Malleswaram, off Sampige Road. You can choose to sit down and be served or avail the self service section outside.

Now, I'm sure this place has an array of exciting dishes but I have always had a single agenda when visiting the place: Akki Roti. It's warm, buttery and just right. The roti could do with a little less oil but thats a minor flaw. My only grouse is that they never serve dry chatnipodi. The chatni they serve is rather nice too. I know people who swear by the raagi dosa here. Why anyone would want ragi is beyond me but if you must have ragi dosa, have it here. Both akki roti and ragi dosa cost you Rs.20 and its more than worth it. The coffee is strong and pretty decent too. So, the next time you're in the vicinity, I strongly suggest that you drop in for a bit of authentic local cusine.

Veena Stores: This establishment is one of my all time favourites. Go to 15th cross, Margosa Road in Malleswaram and you'll find at least 50 people crowded around a hole in the wall, filling the sidewalk and you'll know you've found Veena Stores. In a survey last year, this was voted as Bangalore's best idli-chatni and with good reason. The idlis are warm, petal soft adn yummy. The chatni is truly awesome and I have known people to get 3 refills of the same per plate. The kesari bath here is my other favourite. It's hot, tasty and sweet without being oversweet. They also serve various other rice items, snacks and some interesting beverages. The coffee is strong and very good. The idli is Rs.14, the kesari Rs. 17 and the chatni is free and unlimited :). A meal here shouldn't cost you more than Rs. 30. If you're in Bangalore, you simply HAVE to go here. I would also suggest that you amble across to CTR and have the dosa there (more on CTR later).
Old Bangalore flavour, kick ass food and cheap prices: what else could one want :) :) :)


Shruti said...

this weekend I paid another visit to Halli Mane. The onion dosa and kesari bath are pretty awesome too

Unknown said...

I'm Rather curious about the presence of 'strictly, no angst' in the title...anyhow,the thought of eating at veena stores,halli mane vidyarthi bhavan,janatha and some other local haunts is enough to drive a Graduate student back to India :-D

Shruti said...

the title refers to the many blogs filled with people whining about their personal lives to the world at large (which i find a little disconcerting, to say the least)

and Old Bangalore is the best :)

Unknown said...
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