Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bangalore Bistro: Pretty Place, Good Food

For a break from our trial misery, Tuhina, Rads and I headed to Bangalore Bistro. It is located in a large complex (the name eludes me) down the road from Eva Mall. It's a rooftop restaurant and this does wonders for the ambiance. They have indoor and outdoor seating but I strongly recommend the outdoors. The view was pretty, seating comfortable and weather fantastic. The middle of the table has a small depression which is filled with petals and candles. Pwetty!!

Having heard much about the generous portions and wanting to save room for dessert, we skipped starters and went to the main course. They gave us complimentary nachos which were OK but nothing I would recommend ordering. I ordered the Canneloni, Rads ordered the Triple Chicken (or something like that) and Tuhina ordered the Meditteranean Chicken. The Canneloni was awesome. Fairly generous portions and the vegetables were crisp, fresh with a distinctive flavour. It had enough cheese to make me happy but not so much that it killed the dish . I had bites of the other dishes and my gauche vegetarian taste buds preferred Rads's dish. Rads swears that all the chicken dishes here are great.

We were quite full at the end of this and decided to order Oreo Shakes instead of a big dessert. While the Oreo Shake was good, I think the ones at Bocca Grande or Mocha are way better. The Java Lava sounded sinful, but we skipped it in deference to our ever expanding waistlines :(. It cost us around 350-400 per person. The prices are a little steep but its worth it. We also thouroughly embarassed ourselves in front of the waiter. So we might not be going there for some time but there is no reason you shouldn't :)


Unknown said...

YOU embarassed n T. were perfectly normal :)

Shantanu Naravane said...

Must also try Smoking Guns, REALLY good chicken. And what exactly did Shruti do? ;)

Benarasi Bahu said...

YOU. you embarassed yourself! Not us.
@Shantanu: Shru was disappointed that she couldn't reach the cookie pieces at the bottom of the glass, a disappointment she expressed so loudly that it caused the waiter to smile at us, and ask us politely if we needed cutlery!

Unknown said...

tuhina [also what the fuck is benarasi bahu!!] u forgot to tell shantanu about the guy shruti was leching at shamelessly

shantanu, yes smoking guns is awesome

Shruti said...

u all overexaggerate!! grumble, grumble

mysilentpart said...

We went there a few days back after hearing a lot from everyone. Chicken cannaloni is as heavenly as it can get. I am strictly a cheese person when it comes to pasta n such things and i run away from red sauce. But it had an amazing balance of both that beats any cannaloni i had anywhere till now. What Swati and Aviroop ordered was also quite good since I took quite decent bites from their food as well. but if you go there i would still say you order cannaloni...n if you do not have an amazing-sized appaetite, stick to main dish its a lot of food believe me :) and the view just rocks if you go in the night

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