Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Casa Piccola: Still worth a visit

I have been going to this place since I was 16 and I adore it. While the chain has a lot of branches. my favourite is the one on Residency Road, near Juice Junction (the one in the basement). It strives to achieve the look of a roadside Italian cafe. The outdoor seating is charming. The walls depict a lazy Italian village and it is gorgeous - simple and soothing.

For dinner that day I ordered a Pasta Primavera, Krits ordered a Paneer and Veg Platter and Tuhi ordered the Chicken Parmesan (did I get the spelling right??). My pasta was nice but a little bland, so I wasn't a huge fan of that. Krits' platter was awesome. The sauce was tomatoey and tangy and the vegetables were nicely done. It's served with fries and salad. The Chicken Parmesan was the first chicken dish that I truly liked. KK tells me that the Chicken Tetrazini here is also very good. On previous occasions I have tried out the Epinard a'la Creme and quite liked this casserole of spinach, mashed potatoes and assorted vegetables. The Pasta Putanesca also meets with my approval (Clearly, I've tried out almost all the vegetarian dishes here).
To round it off we ordered the chocolate marble cake with ice cream which was sinuous, fatty and totally worth it. The quantities are very generous and my meal cost me less than Rs. 200 :)

Casa used to have THE best pasta ever - The Pasta Valentino (Soft, Tasty Veg Dumplings in a sauce that managed to blend cheese and tomato perfectly). However, in a misguided moment of insanity the management removed this from the menu!! Despite requests to the waiters and long complaints in the register beseeching the return of this masterpiece, no action has been taken. I truly wish the someone (anyone!) in the management reads this review and brings it back (Please, Pretty Please).

Casa used to be cheap, awesome Conti food. It's not that cheap or that awesome anymore but it's still worth visiting.


A ditty said...

I used to swear by the Tetrazzini but it is really not that great any more.

Life's Like That... said...

The Place in General has taken to a great downfall man..

In my 1st year in college, I used to be the biggest fan of this place but over the years, the more i go there... the more disbelief it causes as to how can its quality deteriorate so steeply! Rather disappointing these days!

Shruti said...

I agree. It used to be something special which it's not any longer. But I still think its ok for moderately priced conti food. Though I still maintain they should get their old chef back!

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