Monday, December 21, 2009

Millers 46

Mid week blues and rapidly deteriorating mess standards saw Vats, SneMo, Woogulz, Rao, Aditi and me heading to Millers 46. Take the right at the end of Cunningham onto Millers Road and on your right you will find this little nugget. Rumbling stomachs in tow we reached this place early and breathed a sigh of relief when we didn't have to wait in a loooong line(If we had to I might have ended up eating Vats). This, however, is a unique occurence and generally one must be prepared to wait it out at this place. The restaurant is on the first floor and has a unique decor which recreates the whole cowboy/wild wild west theme. A little overboard at places, me thinks, but it's quite ok.

This place prides itself on being Bangalore's only steak house (they say it, not me!). The menu is immense and it would take me quite some time to peruse each item and its enchanting description. My favourite part about this place is the complimentary bread and garlic butter. The garlic butter is just yumm (Momentary pause to honour the butter). I could happily eat just that for dinner but it's frowned upon (I've tried). The service is quick and the portions HUGE.

SneMo and Vat ordered the Herb Crusted Chicken. It was very good, albeit a little predictable and boring. Aditi ordered the Chicken Gallantine. It was an interesting choice with stuffed chicken and had a unique flavour. However, I think one must be a hard core non veggie to truly appreciate it. It was a little too tough for my gauche taste buds. Woogulz ordered the Mixed Meat Jamaya which I loved. It was a mix of pork and chicken served with rice, veggies and awesome dressing. The chicken was soft, tender and tasted lovely. The pork was OK but personally I think the chicken trumped it.

Being the only veggies there, Rao and I ordered Millers Mixed Veg Grill and the Skewered Mushroom and Zucchini. The Mixed Veg Grill was stunning. Vegetables stuffed with rice and spices, cutlets crammed with mashed potatoes and crisp veggies, fried mozarella cheeseballs. Every morsel was a pleasant surprise. They serve it with pasta. The Skewered Mushroom and Zucchini was largely grilled cottage cheese and veggies in a lovely sauce. The promised mushrooms were missing but I won't hold that against the dish.

I have had the cottqage cheese grill here and it's pretty good. KK went the next day and loved the fish steak. Rao claims that the lasagna here is pretty awesome. Bikki strongly recommends the T-Bone and the twice marinated steak.
The one thing that I dislike about this place is the cutlery. The forks are wavy and difficult to grasp (especially difficult for the food they serve!).

All in all, this place is one of the better restaurants in Bangalore (and that really is saying something). A vegetarian meal will cost you about Rs. 220 and a non vegetarian one close to Rs. 300. Be warned about the quantities and those with frail apptetites may be better off splitting a dish.


pooja said...

Shroooti.... Since when have you started eating non-veg?!!! And how could you not eat the Mango Cheesecake at Millers? It is the BEST is town, even better than Ice & Spice. You SHOULD try it the next time you go.

Roopashree Narayan said...

Hey, nice blog!!

Do check
You can check on what's cool and whats not cool in Bangalore. Do share some of your reviews there if you like it!

Shruti said...

@ pooja - I have tried the mango cheesecake there and its quite awesome. Can't believe I forgot to mention it. Incidentally, I have found a winner for Shruti's 'Best Cheesecake in B'lore award'. Keep reading for further updates

@roopa - Thanks :) I write on burrp too. My id is goodiyergirl. Do spread the word :)

Unknown said...

love the post...must do this sometime again :D
ps it's woogul without the 'z'

Silent Storm said...

I loved the apple pie there !!

Anonymous said...


What ho said...


On your advice I did have the mixed veg grill. It was really really nice but I think it feeds two people not one!

Thanks! :)

What ho said...

And I second the comment about the cutlery. at least for people like me who aren't trained to use them deftly.

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