Sunday, January 24, 2010

Number 70, Brigade Road

Having FINALLY managed to procure tickets for 3 Idiots, Shan, KK, Pri and me decided to feed ourselves while waiting. After much walking around in the sun and indecision we finally hit Number 70, Brigade Road. It's part of the Iris Hotel, right next to Eva Mall. The ambiance is understated and comfortable. The lunch buffet is Rs. 250 and quite a good deal.

They have a veg and non-veg soup which was quite nice. The soup sticks were pretty good too. The salad selection was fairly vast and this made me very happy. The Russian salad was nicely done as was the egg salad. KK loved the fish and chicken salad. The carrot and cheese platter was surprisingly nice too. As tasty as the salads are, I suggest you save some place for the main course.

In the conti section they had a cheese and corn baked dish and veg quail. Now, I don't know what exactly a veg quail is but it was good. It had a tangy tomato sauce which complemented the baked cheese dish. The Chinese section consisted of garlic noodles and vegetables in schezwan sauce. They also had a non-veg sauce. There were 2-3 veg sabzis and 2 non veg ones. They also had 'murgh biryani' and soya rice which Shan loved. They have a variety of desserts including blueberry cheesecake (which was quite blah), milk halwa (very nice but oozing with ghee), fruits (which I studiously avoided) and different flavoured ice creams.

Number 70 is a nice, value-for-money buffet. The food is pretty good and the spread decent (the food is not the best but buffets rarely are). So, the next time you find yourself looking for a not too expensive eating option on Brigade Road, I recommend Number 70.


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I finally star in a post :)

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See, I told you we should go there!;)

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KK, you were ASEAN's greatest proponent!! Changing the story now?? Tsk, Tsk.

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