Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Pizzeria Romano

If you're looking to go out to a 'nice' place with great food, then I recommend the Pizerria Romano. It's situated in Koramangala 6th Block, near the Hotel Esplanade. The decor is comfortable and pleasing, the lighting a little dim and thankfully they don't believe in blaring LOUD music (Reference: Couch). The place had a very 'date' feel to it. I'm also happy to report that they have a really nice loo :)

They have Lebanese, Moroccan and Italian cuisine (The options in the Lebanese and Moroccan are a little limited though). Their real USP is the wood fire pizzas. There are such few places in Bangalore that serve these and the ones here are pretty darn good. In the vegetarian section, we tried the Pizzeria Romano Special which consisted of onion, capsicum, mushroom, tomatoes, black olives, red peppers and cheese (oodles of it:) ). The pizza was incredibly good. The veggies were fresh, the different flavours blended together perfectly and they didnt overdo the cheese. Tuhi and Pooje ordered the hot basil chicken pizza. Tuhi claims that it was a happy marriage of cheese, chicken and mushroom. The best bit about it was the crust. It was light and smoky, unlike the sitcky-flour crusts that Dominos and gang produce.

While their speciality is pizza, our favourite dish that day was the creamy chicken pasta. A slice of baked chicken sauted in fresh cream, butter and garlic. The sauce was simply divine. It struck the right balance between cheese, garlic and cream. I can't say much more about it cause the adjectives perfect, divine and heavenly seem to be coming up a LOT. If you go here, I definitely suggest that you try this (or it's vegetarian equivalent).

We had the samboosak (lebanese starter) which was a fried wanton type thing with cream cheese in it. The taste was good but the quantity was very small. Just four small pieces :(.I had the tiramisu for dessert and its amongst the best I've had in recent times. Rich coffee and chocolate layers in a beautiful spongy cake. Mmmmmm. They also have a nice wine selection.

That said, I must warn you that the place is a little pricey (At least for non-earning students like me, who are freeloading off Daddy's money). The Pizza is priced between 385 and 400 rs. The pasta was Rs. 240 and the tiramisu Rs.120. A meal for two will easily cost upwards of Rs.1000.


Benarasi Bahu said...

love ur description!
also who took those lovely pics ;D

Unknown said...

i want to go again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ivan Yaru said...

Hello.. I'm here blog-hopping..

I must dampen every good thing you have to say about the place with some really bad experiences. I've been there on 3 separate occasions (widely spaced apart, that too), and I've been disappointed on all 3! Not to mention the end of each of the dated damsel's interest in me soon after.

The first time, the cream of corn soup was just milk and corn. How am i to know she was lactose-intolerant?!

The second time, there was hair in my paneer. How i found it would make Poirot proud.

And the final time, the waiter spilt wine on the lovely young(-ish) lady's white(-ish) pants. Needless to say, all three - the date, the pants and my prospects with said lady were ruined.

Whatever edible food is dished out might be tasty and all that, but there's loads more to whine about.

Candidly yours,
Ivan Yaru

Shruti said...

You seem to have had some awful luck at this place. I do go back to quite a few of the places I review and add to/revise my review, as the case may be. I will be sure to visit Romano again and see how it works out. (Just as soon as I manage to convince my dad to refill my account :) )

Unknown said...

I think I'll go there very soon. This review is really helpful! :)

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