Thursday, January 7, 2010

South Indies

I'm taking a break from the Pondi series and posting a long overdue review. My mum has been wanting to try this place for ages, so we decided to replenish ourselves here after an exhausting, and largely unproductive, shopping trip. We went to the one on Infantry Road, in the Chevron Hotel. They have a branch in Indiranagar and a non veg concern called Bon South. The restaurant is on the terrace and the decor is simple and gorgeous. The place has a glass wall on one side and a glass roof.

We decided to try the lunch buffet. Starters consisted of bajji which tasted nice and was surprisingly not oily. They ply you with tangy, tasty, spicy buttermilk throughout the meal which I adored. The staff is incredibly courteous and very efficient.

They have a sumptuous spread which includes appam, dosa, kerala parathas, stew, rasam, kootu, varuval, curry, puliyodrai, morukoyambu, curd rice, desserts and an assortment of chatnis, podis and pickles (Phew!!).
While everything on the table was well prepared, the appam and the stew achieved perfection. The stew was yellow chilli cooked in cashew and coconut sauce and garnished with spices. The appam was prefectly made: fluffy with just the right amount of coconut milk in it. The combination was great and most of my meal consisted of this :) The puliyodare was tangy and the rice was well cooked. The varuval was OK though I think it should have been fried just a tad more.

My mum loved the rasam and the morukoyambu here was pretty darn good. There are an array of interesting pickles and podis and to my great dissapointment I couldn't taste them all. I wish they would have more Andhra food though and they should definitely have some spicy gongura chatni (If you haven't yet had gongura, try it at the earliest!!).

The truly disappointing bit about this place was the dessert. The payasam was oversweet and very average. Ice cream and fruits really doesn't qualify as South Indian cuisine. There are a host of interesting South Indian desserts and I really hope they explore some of them.

The lunch buffet is Rs.250 (inclusive of taxes). If you want to try good South Indian food, I definitely recommend this place. They also have brunch on Sundays.

P.S. - The restroom is unisex. Since I didn't have the insight of this review, I spent several minutes offering profuse apologies to another customer and walking around the place, trying to locate the non existent women's loo.


A ditty said...

Can't stop laughing out really loud at the PS part!

Alisa said...

Hi Shruti,I enjoyed reading your food adventures! I saw your site from the foodieblogroll and if you won't mind, I'd love to guide foodista readers to your site.Just add a foodista widget at the end of this blog post and it's ready to go.Thanks!

Shruti said...

I went there for Sunday lunch and it reinforced my earlier opinion. The kari kari stew (or some such thing) was heavenly and they made a killer tomato sambar. The dessert section, however, remains disappointing. Clearly, they are not reading my reviews :(

Anonymous said...

The food is awesome here. We went for a group lunch. The north indian guys were drooling at all the well prepared food. The Kerala paratha and the aappam were the highlights ofcourse.

I am told the a-la-carte menu is also pretty good. They have a mini-meal and a normal meal option in it.

When we went, the paal payasam was over sweet too.

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