Monday, February 15, 2010

Amruth Ice Creams: Old Bangalore Series Part II

The second part of this series has been a long time coming. Most people in Bangalore when asked about ice creams will lead you to Corner House, Flavours, Baskin Robbins and the ilk. Not me, however. I'm going to take you to the nicest and cheapest ice cream parlour in Bangalore: Amruth Ice creams.

This place has been around for 18 years. Considering that it operates out of the ground floor of a quaint little house in Malleswaram, that's quite impressive. The ice cream machines here (refer to photo) produce 40 litres of mouth watering home made ice cream every day. It's brown shutters open, people crowding around the counter with ice cream cones and a happy smile that only unhealthy food can bring is a common sight.

They have a loyal customer base, yours truly included. (This place brings back memories of birthdays, after school treats and my parents buying empty cones becuase my weird brother insisted on eating just the cone and not the ice cream! )

While your normal flavours of mango, chocolate, strawberry and gang are popular, my favourites here are the 'others': Honey Dew, Manoranjini, Fig-o-Honey, Apricot Marvel, Kesar Badam. Unique flavours and loads of them have nuts and raisins giving the ice cream a wonderful crunchy feel. Manoranjini, their signature flavour, is a pista based ice cream with butterscotchy nuts in it. Honey Dew, a family favourite, has this lovely hint of honey which I have not seen replicated in any other place. The self explanatory Fig-o-Honey is another popular flavour. This place also has wonderful lollies - flavoured ice candies. You can see many school students nibbling away at these after classes (and why not, its incredibly affordable at just Rs.2).

They also have 2, 3 and 4 scoop sundaes where they allow you to choose the ice cream flavours of your choice. This is then topped off with honey, nuts, chocolate sauce and cherries. The great thing about these local establishments is that they go the extra mile for you (like adding extra cherries or nuts).

They have no plans of opening other outlets, so you will have to haul yourself to Malleswaram. But I can assure that this is worth it. It makes for the perfect after meal treat, especially in summers. Amruth ice Creams is the sort of place we have all grown up with and it's heart warming to see an establishment like this amongst soulless chains (not that I'm not appreciative of McDonalds and gang). If you want a taste of cold Old Bangalore flavour, then you must try out Amruth Ice Creams.

Location: 11th Cross, Between 6th and 5th Main, Malleswaram (the lane opposite Vidya Mandir).

Price: A cone costs between Rs 10 and 15. Sundaes shouldn't cost you more than Rs.40 . Family packs are priced between Rs.55 - 70.


Greeshma said...

Had been to this place recently with my frnds.Quiet area, good ice cream(had mango)!:)

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