Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fresco's/Rahila's: The Cake Shop

This is the much delayed follow up post to Infinitea and the first F&T post dedicated exclusively to desserts (Now, Fresco's also serves food but I have heard that it's not all that great. Having never eaten a full meal there, I can't say for sure). Technically, the dessert is served by Rahila's: The Cake Shop.

While I reserve judgment on the food, this place definitely dishes up some mouth watering desserts. Their signature dessert is the Twenty Layer Cake. Yes, it does have twenty layers and they alternated between chocolate, sponge, dark chocolate, vanilla and more chocolate. I love the different layers and the varying flavours in each bite. If you are an out and out chocaholic, then the Chocolate Knockout might be right up your alley. It's as big as the Twenty Layer cake but out and out chocolate. I find so much chocolate a little overpowering and have never been able to finish the dessert (Some friends think I'm a little loony for this but to each his own).

Another great dessert to try out here is the B-52. Originally a shot, this has been converted into a mean dessert by the pastry chef. A word of caution some might feel a little floozy after this :) (Yes, I do know someone who got high after having this dessert). The Baked Mousse cake is different and very very good. 'Heaven-Can-Wait' is another signature dessert and has rich layers of chocolate and a little bit of strawberry too. If you want a break from the chocolate, I recommend the Apple Pie. It's not as great as the one at the Only Place but it will do. Their brownie torte is rich, decadent and a complete treat for chocolate lovers. Bhavi recommends the mud pie and the caramel-brownie and Sabu suggests the Tiramisu (I think the one at Pizzeria Romano is much nicer though).
I advise you to stay away from the Chunky-Monkey Sundae (or some such ridiculously named concoction).

My one major grouse with Fresco's is most of their desserts are chocolatey. Don't get me wrong, I worship at the altar of chocolate but a true dessert place must have more than just chocolate. Sometimes, a lot of their desserts end up tasting the same due to the sheer overdose of chocolate. While some might not think that's a bad thing, in my books it is. Even their 'new' desserts are becoming incresingly preditable.

While all that gooey chocolate is worth a visit, you might want to go there just to soak in the ambience. Lovely outdoor seating, pretty rice lights strung at night blend in with the muted, comfortable feel of this place. You may also spot minor celebrities at this place (Now, this may not give as much joy to everyone as it does to me but I thought I'd mention it anyways).

The place is definitely worth a visit but I really wish they would try something different (translation: non-chocolatey) for once.

Location: Hathworks Boulevard, Cunningham Road. Down the road from Infinitea
Price: Desserts range from Rs.90-Rs.135. A meal should cost around Rs.650.


Divya said...

The cheesecake is excellent also.

Shruti said...

Ya? I've never spotted a plain NY cheesecake there :(

pooja said...

What you saying? Ofcourse they have plain NY cheesecake. Not as great as the one at Infinitea though!

A ditty said...

I would really like to know who got high on the b-52.
I like the new addition of location and price at the end. Whose suggestion was this? :D :P

Benarasi Bahu said...

hey nice touch with the address thing!

Shruti said...

@tuhina: Thanks, it was Aditi's suggestion :)

cataclasma said...

Fresco's has a great Sunday brunch buffet - go try it sometime! It's about 250 bucks + tax and they are very very sweet - we landed up at around noon and while the buffet ordinarily shuts by then they kept it open just for us and were really nice about it. (Also, the brunch has pancakes and waffles, and yummy yummy they are, too!)
Also do you remember that time we went to Fresco's for dessert after the IJIEL dinner? It was you, me, Aditi, Anjana and Vipul...and I think Anjana ordered the B-52 because she said she needed something with alcohol in it. :P
Lastly, you've missed out on all their blueberry desserts! (All very very nice and light, particularly the cheesecake, which is a little different from your ordinary blueberry cheesecake - more fluffy and less heavy and with much more fruit on the top).

prassanna said...

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