Monday, February 22, 2010

The (New) India Coffee House: Old Bangalore Series Part III

In the past two weeks, I've visited the new 'avatar' of this institution. (The old one had peeling walls, ancient ceiling fans (which threatened to drop on unsuspecting customers any minute) and waiters dresses in yellowing uniforms (which were once grand) reminiscent of the Raj. It was rather wonderful.)

The premises are spruced up but the menu and the uniforms remain. The place has a number of South Indian snacks and breakfast dishes. They also serve meals during lunchtime. Since eggs are a speciality here, I ordered the scrambled eggs on toast (Rs.35). The offering was floating in oil and I mean this literally. The scrambled eggs were soggy and bland. The submerged toast makes an occassional appaearance but its so drenched in oil that it is a little tough to discern its taste. Copious amounts of pepper and salt make this slightly palatable.

Not to be deterred by this (and not willing to cut my lunch hour short), I proceeded to order the omlette (Rs.22). This was infinitely better. Still oily but the taste was pretty decent. The dosa (Rs.20) here is OK. The sambar was average but the chatni was very good. The sandwiches (Rs.22) are decent but small. Cutlets are quite popular here.

Don't leave here without the coffee (Rs. 8) though. It's strong without being bitter and one of the nicest filter coffees in Bangalore. It's bound to refresh you (And this from me, a lifelong Bournvita girl). They also have Cold Coffee and I can tell you that the lime juice (Rs. 8) is pretty good.

Despite the average food, I recommend you visit this place for the atmosphere alone. It's the sort of place where you can peacefully read a book or have a long conversation. The waiter's here have the uncanny knack of ascertaining whether you are in a hurry or want to read in peace. There is something very 'adda'-esque about this place.

Location: Church Street. Opposite Blossom Book Hous, in the same complex as ING ATM

Pricing: A meal here shouldn't cost you more than Rs. 60

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