Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Shanti Sagar (NSS)

The great thing about eating out in Bangalore is that there is something for everyone - from the ubiquitous darshinis to the snooty, high brow places at UB City. So if you're in Bangalore, looking for a bite outside and don't feel like an idli or like spending big bucks, walk into a New Shanti Sagar.

They have outlets in lots of areas but I have visited only the ones in Vijaynagar and Malleswaram. A word of caution at the beginning of the review, at times this place has atrocious service. I have witnessed many fights at this place and once watched as a normally mild mannered friend had a full blown argument with an incredibly rude manager.

This place serves South Indian, North Indian, Chinese and Mexican food (With much sadness I report that the Vijaynagar outlet, at least, has stoppped the Mexican food). If you're looking for something that's filling but not too heavy, then I recommend the Neer Dosa (Rs.35). It's not something that's easily available otherwise and it's pretty good here: Healthy, filling and very tasty. They serve it with kurma and chatni but will provide sambar if you ask.

The place also likes to experiment with it's dosas - Cheese Dosa, Spring Dosa, Paneer Dosa and many other cousins which I don't quite recall right now. I have fond memories of the Cheese Paper Dosa: Cheesy, Crispy, Oily Dosa. Needless to mention, if you are counting your calories avoid this dish. If you're in the mood for a snack or getting bored while waiting for your main dish, then have a Masala Pav (Rs. 25). It's buttery pav served with a spicy, tangy masala (Not like a pav bhaji but similar).

They serve a spicy, appropriately fried Gobi Manchurian (If you were in Bangalore in the late 90's (and didn't care much for hygiene), you'd remember the mobile carts which served yummy manchurian, fried rice and the ilk). Otherwise, stay away from the Chinese dishes here. I once ordered a gooey, green noodle concotion which still gives me the jitters.

They have a wide variety in the North Indian section. I recently had the Babycorn Masala and the Kaju Masala, both of which were very very good. They have a variety of breads, most of which are good. If you are in the mood for rice, do try the corn rice here. They have a nice Lunch Thali menu for around Rs. 70 which gives you soup, papad, 2-3 sabzi's, roti, fried rice, curd rice and sweet.

I've saved the best part for the last: the Sizzling Brownie. It's the best Sizzling Brownie I've had in the city and insist that all visiting family and friends try it. Chocolate brownie, cashews, melting vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce poured on top - what's not to like?!! When I first discovered its joys the Sizzling Brownie was priced at a measly 55 Rupees, today it is a whopping Rs. 100. If you feel like treating yourself however, definitely order this.

There are tons of other things to order at NSS which I've never gotten around to trying but most things here are worth a try.

Location: Vijaynagar- Vijaynagar Main Road, on the service road. Next to CCD and the flower market
Malleswaram - Sampige Road, 15th Cross

Price: Not more than Rs. 120 for a meal (and a heavy one, at that)


Raghu said...

next time your around M.G.Road you should try the palak filling dosas at Konark..!

Vatsala said...

I think the Malleshwaram outlet has better food than the Vijayanagar one; also, I wish they had Mysore Masala Dosa! Any suggestions as to where I can get good Mysore Masala (apart from, obviously, Mysore :))?

Unknown said...

There are outlets on CMH road and Domlur also. Have fond memories of the CMH road one..Have been going there for as long as I can remember!

P.S.: did you ever have the Chinese food from Megh Sagar? Best Indianised Chinese food ever!

Shruti said...

@Vatsala: I'm gonna write about CTR soon. Watch out for it. It's my fav dosa in B'lore :)
Also, you don't like VNags NSS?? Its pretty OK, me thinks

@Divya: I've never tried Megh Sagar. Best Indianised Chinese food I have had is in the back of those mobile vans. Greasy, unhealthy, oily and sooo tasty. Sigh!

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