Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spiga Revisited

Mixed reactions to my earlier review and my dad's reluctance to drive to BBQ nation, saw 'the family' head out to Spiga last Sunday. The ambiance and other things remain the same. Even though I spotted a lot of families here, the place has a very 'date-y' feel to it. One incredibly annoying thing was the loud music.

For starters we ordered the cilantro-pesto paneer (cottage cheese) skewers (Rs. 180). It turned out to be tandoori roti, grilled paneer served with a cold yoghurt based sauce. The paneer was soft and I loved the pesto sauce it was grilled in. My dad loved the sauce (bear in mind we are Tams and by default, love everything associated with yoghurt). While it tasted fine, roti-paneer was definitely a strange way to start a meal at Spiga.
My parents tried the tomato soup which was OK but the only thing special was the huge eye catching bowls they were served in.

For the main course, we ordered Pasta Alfredo (Rs.200: Veg, Rs 250: Chicken) and Thai Green Curry (Rs.200: Veg, Rs 250: Chicken). The pasta in a white cream sauce, with
mushrooms, sundried tomatoes and herbs was delightful. The mushrooms had a light, lovely flavour and a wonderful texture (unlike some places that serve rubbery ones!). My favourite part of the pasta was the sundried tomatoes which went beautifully with the sauce. The sauce itself was rich, heavy and flavoured with herbs.
The Thai Green Curry was good. It had a distinct taste of coconut milk though I wish it had been spicier (Wikipedia informs me that Green Curries are meant to be less spicy, a fact I was sadly unaware of while placing the order). One thing I didn't like was the amount of paneer in the didn't complement the curry's taste. You would be better off ordering the Red Curry me thinks. The quantities were rather generous this time around.

And now, I bring you to the best part of the meal (Drum roll please.....): The Oreo Cheesecake.
One of my favourite desserts and I was reminded why. Lovely cream cheese on top, a crumbly rich layer of oreo cookies at the bottom, artistically topped off with chocolate sauce. And for once, the size of the cheesecake wasn't minuscule. I could spend the rest of my life eating this. Oh! We also ordered the chocolate fudge cake. Nice Caramel-y chocolate fudge served on a slightly hard, dark chocolate bed. My mum loved it. But it was overpowered by the sheer awesomeness of the cheesecake.

Spiga is still not what it used to be. While this time around it redeemed itself, the number of bad reviews that it has got indicate that the chef is not consistent. And for a restaurant that charges as much as Spiga does, that's not acceptable. I'd definitely go back for dessert though :)

Location: Halcyon Complex, St. Marks Road

Pricing: A meal for two will cost you Rs.800 or upwards

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Unknown said...

True about the music! I've asked them to turn it low so many times and they imaginarily turn it down just to play tricks on my mind, I think!

The OREO CHEESE CAKE is such a classic it deserves its very own upper case ;)

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