Thursday, March 25, 2010

Taco Bell

Propelled by the general excitement surrounding Taco Bell and the fact that it is very close to home, Pri and I paid a visit last night. The first thing that strikes you is how crowded this place is (keep in mind we went on a Wednesday night). i'm told that the line during weekends is insane. That said, the queue moves fairly fast, therefore, despite the daunting lines you can get in and out fairly fast.

The menu consists of Tacos, Specialities, Combos and Desserts. The cheapest taco here is Rs. 18 for veggies and Rs. 20 for the non veggies. The most expensive dish here won't cost you more than Rs. 80. The cool thing about the soft drinks here is that it is a Freefill. So you can keep topping up your drink. While this didn't excite me much, those of you who love soft drinks can get your money's worth. The soft drinks could be colder.

I ordered the Volcano Taco Combo (Volcano Taco + Snackito + Drink) and Pri ordered the Crunchy Taco Combo (Crunchy Taco + Snackito + Drink). The Volcano Taco (Rs. 25)
was a crunchy red taco filled with potatoes, mayo,
vegetables and topped with cheese. They also give this incredibly hot sauce with which you could have it. The Taco was tasty, messy and I quite liked it. Pri's Crunchy Taco was more or less the same except that it was slightly smaller and that the taco shell was less spicy.

The truly disappointing bit about the meal was the snackito (Rs.20). It consisted of a cold, maida roti which was filled with vegetables. The stuffing wasn't great in taste or quantity. Overall, the snackito was quite bleh. Avoid it.

We also ordered the volcano cake (Rs. 40). Unlike the misleading picture on the menu,
the real deal is rather small. It's similar to the Java Lava at Domino's. Spongy chocolate cake on the outside, gooey hot chocolate oozing on the inside. (Personally, I prefer the Java Lava.). Taco Bell also has Burritos and Quesalidas which look promising. Will keep you updated on those.

Taco Bell is the McDonalds for Mexican food. It's not the best Mexican food you'll ever get but it's very Value For Money. Once the novelty of it wears off, I think we will discover that it's just another McD type snack place. Don't get me wrong, it's not bad at all but it's not great either (Something that afflicts most international chains.) It's definitely worth visiting at least once. And the mall is pretty cool too.

Location: Mantri Square, Sampige Road (next to Sampige Theatre), Malleswaram
Pricing: A meal here shouldn't cost you more than Rs. 100

P.S: I have quite a few Gokarna and Chennai reviews to post. If only Aditi, Asma and Janani would mail me the pictures .


The Walrus said...

Hey, your reviews are good. But you need better photographs! Even the good places, the food doesn't look appetizing. Also, it's Chocolate Lava Cake at Domino's and not Java Lava.

A ditty said...

Love the new look. :)

Aathira said...

Grossest Food ever!

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