Friday, March 5, 2010


Literally translated this means the flavours of Lucknow and that’s exactly what owner Raman Gupta hopes to bring to Bangalore. The decor is sparse and simple: white and red checked tablecloths and functional seating dominate this place.

The Lucknowi specialty of kababs (kebabs) is what this place prides itself on and that’s what one must try when you visit this place. The Seekh Kabab, made of minced meat with spices and grilled on skewers, is wonderful. The minced meat is tasty and the spices perfectly done. The tandoori chicken is another popular option at this place. The meat has a lovely smoky flavour though it could have been marinated a little more. It could also be slightly spicier. Those looking for something less spicy and unusual could try the murgh malai kabab which is quite good.

As one might have figured out by now, this place is largely for non vegetarians. If you are a veggie, there are a few options for you. You could try the harra barra kabab (FYI: this is infinitely more healthier than its meaty versions). This grill of peas, potatoes and spinach is quite tasty. Though once again I wish it were slightly spicier. Veggies could also try the paneer tikka. This marinated cottage cheese grill is good but nothing special.

Their other speciality, besides the kababs, is the ulta tawa ka parantha. This paratha is filled with ghee, saffron, milk and sugar. Needless to say, it is incredibly heavy and rich. One whole paratha and it may fill your tummy. Apparently, the paratha is best eaten with shami kabab. The shami kabab here was incredibly good. The meat was succulent and tender and the spices complemented it perfectly. Personally, though, I think that the paratha might have tasted better with a normal sabzi.

This place has a number of sabzis ranging from the normal fare of butter chicken, paneer butter masala to some exotic meat dishes. In fact, there is a sea food dish here (and I forget it’s name), which requires you to order a day in advance and costs a bomb. If you still have some space for dessert after all this, then you could try the Shahi Tukda or the Zafrani Phirni which are the only two desserts on the menu.

You could also go to Bombay Chowpatti Kulfi across the road. The matka malai kulfi there is quite good.

Zaiqa-e-Lucknow serves fairly good non-vegetarian food at mid level prices. The next time you feel like getting some kebabs, you may want to check this place out. This place is not recommended for vegetarians. If you have a sufficient number of vegetarians in your party then this place is definitely not for you.

Location: M.M. Road, Frazer Town

Pricing: A meal for two should cost between Rs. 400 - 500