Thursday, April 8, 2010

Breakfasting at Namaste Cafe: Gokarana Part I

Due to the self imposed embargo on eating out, I'm going to post some reviews that have been long due. At the very beginning of the trimester Chunnilal, Ghatotkach, A and I decided to visit Gokarna and see what all the fuss was about. 10 hours later we knew why everyone couldn't stop talking about this place: lovely beaches, unbelievable food and some very good looking people. The beach is also very safe and we were incredibly comfortable there. So if you are of the letchy variety, please don't go there and spoil it for the rest of us.

The truly awesome bit about Gokarna (apart from the blue blue beaches) is the food there. International cuisine at very cheap prices, I died and went to heaven. We were
staying at Namaste Cafe (one of the few places with attached bathrooms in Goks) and the breakfast here is great. On the first day, I ordered the Israeli breakfast (Rs.100). Order this only if you are feeling really hungry. This consists of a huge pita bread, hummus sauce, hashbrown, falafel, israeli salad, egg of choice and juice. That is a LOT. I loved the pita bread and sauce, though there was too much of it and I couldn't finish. I wish the hashbrown had been hotter. It was rather cold by the time it got to my plate and not so appetizing. The falafel was nicely done as were the eggs. It was not the best breakfast I've ever had but it was pretty decent. Ghatotkach and A ordered the famed Nutella Pancakes (Rs.70). I know a lot of people are not going to agree with this but I don't think the pancakes were all that great. The pancake was a little undercooked and little raw at places. The nutella was undoubtedly yummy. They also ordered the Cheese and Mushroom Omlette which I thought was very nice. The omlette was fluffy and the flavour really good.

The next day, I ordered the Banana Pancakes (Rs. 50) which were very good though I still think the pancake could have been cooked a little bit more. Ask them for honey, which th
ey provide on request (in generous quantities) and add this liberally to the pancake. Yummmmmy! Chunnilal ordered the Special Breakfast which was the highlight of breakfast. Salad, Egg of Chocie, Toast, Hashbrown, Juice and something else that I can't remember. She requested veggies instead of the hashbrown and they served some of the nicest grilled potatoes I've ever had. The scrambled eggs were wonderful and it was one of the few times that I thought the toast deserved mention. The others ordered omlettes which were very tasty. We also tried the Lemon Mango Lassi which was surprisingly good.

The place has a wonderful view of Om Beach and you will find many people enjoying a leisurely breakfast, reading a book and just soaking in the atmosphere. There are lots of interesting people around, so if you are a people watcher there is plenty of fodder. Wildlife is aplenty in most Gokarna establishments so there is no getting away from the dogs and the cats :( Namaste is a great place to stay at and eat (the acco is a tad expensive), but don't spend all your time there. There are LOADS of other awesome place in Gokarana. More on that later.

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Hi Shruti,
Nice post. Namaste Cafe is definitely on my list when we go to Gokarna :)
Waiting for the next part of your Gokarna posts..

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