Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Under the Mango Tree

Rat finally deigned to accommodate us in her busy schedule and seizing this rare gift KK and I dragged her along to Cornucopia. I had zeroed in on this as the destination for our last room dinner. Upon reaching there, we found out that Cornucopia was shut but a new place, 'Under the Mango Tree'

was opening in it's stead. They officially open on 20 June but the kitchen is functional, so they were nice enough to feed our hungry tummies.

To begin with we ordered Potato Wedges.
Rat and I ordered Ice Tea (Rs. 40) and KK ordered the fruit punch (Rs. 90). The Ice Tea was cold, large and had a wonderful minty-lemony flavour to it. I thought KK's fruit punch was very nice though a tad heavy. The Potato Wedges were crisp and nicely done without being too oily. But then again, it would take quite something to mess up deep fried carbs.

For the main course, I ordered the Aglio Olio (Rs.180).
This was penne tossed in oodles of olive oil, herbs, spices with cheese on top. The pasta was dry and I was a little wary of it but it tasted quite good. The penne was a tad undercooked but the olive oil and spices were wonderful.

Rat ordered the ham and cheese pizza (Rs.240).The crust was thin and crispy. It wasn't the best in the business though. I'd rate Little Italy and Pizzeria Romano much higher. The ham in the pizza was almost negligible, though the true star was the cheese. It wasn't the normal cheese used elsewhere in the city but of a more exotic kind. While I'm not knowledgeable enough to know what cheese it was, it sure tasted good. It had a slightly sour taste to it, melted in your mouth and the texture was wonderful. Mmmmm.......After ordering many dishes that they didn't have, KK settled for the Spaghetti Picatta with chicken (Rs.200). This consisted of Spaghetti in a spicy red sauce with zucchini, babycorn and other crunchy veggies. This dish too was very nice.

The dessert menu consists of only two dishes: sizzling brownie and chocolate mousse. We ordered the sizzling brownie(Rs.100).
This turned out to be a large, warm brownie with ice cream and chocolate sauce on top. While it wasn't what we were expecting, it was pretty decent.

The ambiance at the place was quite wonderful. It's in the backyard of the Bat and Ball Inn. It's in a quiet lane off the bustling Richmond Town and has a relaxed, lazy feel to it. They also have quirky cricket related signposts which I loved. The service was a little slow but I put that down to pre opening jitters. The quantities are sufficient to leave you full but not bursting at the seams.

The whole meal cost us close to Rs.1000 which was pretty OK for all that we ate and drank. The food here has potential but needs a little more effort. I guess I need to go back once they are fully open and see how the grub turns out then. If any of you do go there after 20th June, let me know how it is.

Location: Bat & Ball Inn, 3, Laurel Lane, Richmond Town, Bangalore (It's in the lane off TNT)

  • Pricing: Rs. 250-300 per person

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cafe Y

Having heard lots about this place in the recent past and as part our final quest to find new places to eat in B'lore, Tuhi, Ganje and I headed here for dinner on a Monday night. Enter the place and the first thing that strikes you is the bright orange and yellow everywhere. Even their napkins are in these eye popping colours (KK has vowed to visit this place as they subscribe to her colour scheme). Iconic photographs adorn the place and the decor gets full marks from me. A quick mention of the loo which is extremely clean and carries this bright colour scheme forward. Even the signboards on the loo are cute.

The menu itself is quite extensive and includes fare from all over the world. They have a separate Chinese menu but we decided to give that the miss. Inspired by the table next to us, we ordered the French Fries (Rs. 50). These were a huge disappointment. The quantity was good but the fries were soggy and oily.

For the main course, I ordered the grilled bitoks (Rs.180). This was a mixed veg patty stuffed with lots of cottage cheese and drowned in a spicy red sauce which I loved. This was accompanied with lemon buttered rice and veggies. The masala in the dish satisfied my spice craving. The dish had a distinctly Mexican/Indian touch to it (which is strange, considering bitoks are originally from Russia). Ganje ordered the stuffed red and green peppers(Rs.180). This consisted four huge red and green peppers stuffed with mushrooms and cottage cheese and assorted veggies. This was served on a bed of buttered rice and with a cheesy white sauce. The dish was quite unlike anything I've had before and struck the right balance between cheese and spice. Tuhi went with roasted pork in apple sauce(Rs. 190). Having bullied her into ordering the dish, I was a little excited about its outcome. The dish was served with grilled herb potatoes. The sauce was disappointing. It didn't have any touch of apple in it. The sauce was a white sauce with some undefinable ingredient (not apple) in it. The dish itself was good and tasty but it wasn't what the menu promised.

The quantities at Cafe Y are huge and all of us ended up wasting a little bit of our dish. Undaunted by this, we ordered a blueberry cheesecake (Rs.100). Generally, I worship only at the altar of the plain cheesecake since the variants are not entirely reliable. This time, however, the risk paid of. The slice was fairly huge with a wonderful thick creamy layer and a thin cracker bed at the bottom. The blueberry on top was nice and complemented the cheesecake perfectly.

Cafe Y provides some unique dishes at affordable prices. The decor is lovely and the atmosphere laid back. I will definitely be going back here. The only problem is that it is located off Langford Road and getting an auto back is a complete pain. If you are going there for dinner then I recommend that you arrange transport in advance.

P.S.: There are no pictures for this post since my beloved camera is currently in repair (Sniff, Sniff.) If anyone knows where the Pentax service centre in Bangalore is, please do email me.

Location: 2/2, Langford Road - Eagle Street Intersection, Langford Town, Langford Road, Bangalore
  • Phone: 4114456
Pricing: Rs. 250-300 per person

Saturday, June 5, 2010


I have now created a Facebook page for the blog. Click on the link and you shall be transported there. Let me know about places you think I should be reviewing, new places in town, whether you like the new blog template or anything else you want to talk about. And, as always, spread the word :)

P.S: I have currently been hijacked by Univ Week and related matters. However, I should be posting quite regularly from next week.