Wednesday, November 17, 2010


To celebrate Banker Madam's old age (and propelled by the good reviews that this place has received) a bunch of us descended on Dewberry's. The restaurant is located in the backyard of a bungalow in Mylapore. The outdoor seating is pretty and the lights at night add a nice touch.

We decided to skip the starters and head straight to the main course. The service at the place was a big disappointment. It was incredibly slow and the waiters were a little clueless. Dishes got mixed up and there was much confusion. Some of the items arrived so late that others were almost done with theirs.

The basil was not at all discernible in the tomato and basil pasta. It was very peppery and the sauce was just OK. The Pasta Garden jalapenos was another let down. It wasn't bad but it wasn't good either. The pasta needed more salt and the flavour was very forgettable. While there was a hint of spices in the sauce, a little more definitely needs to be added.

The Chicken Siciliata continued the trend. The chef seems to have been a little too free with the pepper that night. The sauce was bland, low on salt and I strongly recommend that you give this a big miss.

The two dishes that we did like were the double cheese lasagne and the Paneer Brazilia Sizzler. The sheets of cheese and veggies in the lasagne appeased our taste buds and the sizzler had a nice spicy flavour (thankfully, salt and pepper were added in the right proportions). Neither dish was mindblowingly good but they were pretty decent.

The crepes at Dewberry's are definitely its saving grace. 'High on Hawaii' was fruity crepe topped with honey and syrup. The presentation was great and the accompanying fresh fruits were a big bonus. The Valentino crepes were my personal favourite. They had a lovely apple-Cinnamon stuffing with a thick layer of strawberry youghurt on top. The crepes were nicely cooked and avoided being oversweet.

A special mention to the Chilly Twist drink here. The drink consists of green chilly on ice and is sure to add a zing! to your meal. Some might find it a little too spicy but it is definitely something to be tried at least once.

The loo here is OK but I think that a restaurant of this kind should definitely do better than just OK.

My problem with Dewberry's was not that the food was bad but that it was very average and forgettable. Yes, there were notable exceptions and some of it was good. However, for the prices that it charges, the food needs to be consistently good. I definitely don't want to spend Rs.500 in the hope that this might be the chef's (and my) lucky day.

The crepes at Dewberry's will probably lure me back (and the fact that it has garnered good reviews from many others) but till then it rates as just average in my books.

Pricing: Rs. 400 per person
Location: #6/29, Rajasekaren St, adjacent to Van Huesen Showroom Mylapore, Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai, Mylapore, Chennai. Phone: 28473439


Anisha said...

I think the ambiance is probably the best part. It's a nice afternoon spot to lounge around with some coffee/tea/dessert and have a lazy conversation with a few close friends :)

Anonymous said...

i went to Dewberry's a month ago, heard a LOT about the place, but when i went there, i was greeted by very slow service and mosquitos..that wasn't very welcoming.
Ordered a cold coffee, which frankly tasted very homemade , nothing special.
haven't tried the food there yet..
but overall didn't have a good experience

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