Thursday, January 20, 2011


I am going to take a break from the London posts and write a good old Bangalore restaurant review.

Sunny's is arguably Bangalore's most famous restaurant. And on most days, it lives up to this reputation. Another of those Old Bangalore restaurants (read: The Only Place), Sunny's livened up the eating scene on Vittal Mallya Road way before UB City got there. The menu here is vast and covers a variety of continental fare.

Due to the mammoth portions here and my insatiable love for dessert, I rarely order starters. But if you want something to tease your appetite, then I recommend the mushroom barley soup. It's light, refreshing and perfect for a chilly Bangalore evening. I have also had the crostini with tomato and roast peppers which is OK but nothing spectacular. Their complementary bread and garlic butter is also pretty decent.

The pastas at Sunny's are pretty darn good and my all time favourite is the black pepper fettucine with wild mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes (vegetarian). Lovely cream sauce, well done penne and the sun dried tomatoes and mushrooms add some great flavour to the dish. A special mention to the mushrooms at Sunny's which have a special flavour and texture that I adore. Warning: the cream sauce is very heavy. The angel hair pasta with basil and chunky tomatoes is pretty good too. Woogul had the almond crusted fish fillet last time and we quite enjoyed it. There is an undertone of lemon throughout (even the mashed potatoes are distinctly citrussy), the cream sauce is great and though the dish is a little bland, it worked for us.

Aats ordered the chicken breast with sun dried tomatoes, white whine and cream. The sauce was almost identical to the one in the fish fillet. The dish was nicely done and satisfied our palettes.

Now as great as it can be, Sunny's can also serve some very average fair. I decided to break from tradition and order the penne with pesto and it turned out to be a terrible decision. The sauce had too much basil in it. And ended up tasting like penne in some sort of basil-mint chatni.

But I am willing to forgive Sunny's almost anything (even their occassionally atrocious service) for their superlative desserts alone. While the food at Sunny's is good, it is the desserts that really blow you away. It's cheesecake is amongst the best I have ever had: Cheesy, creamy and a a crumbly, 'lighter-than-air' crust.

My other favourite sweet eat here is the Paris Brest: A flaky pastry filled with nuts and topped with praline cream (Did you know that this pastry is named after the Paris-Brest-Paris bicycle race?).

I highly recommend that you try this. The Crillon chocolate cake and Tiramisu are also worthy contenders.

The service at Sunny's is whimsical, at best. On days, they can be perfectly nice and there are days when they think they are better than you. There are also numerous reports of racist behaviour at this place and while I have never witnessed that, I have been at the receiving end of some atrocious waiters. I personally think the food is worth the erratic service but the thought of the snooty waiters has been a deterrent on many occasions. The ambiance here is fairly nice and I suggest that you try the lit-up outdoor seating when the weather permits.

Sunny's is a little heavy on the pocket but perfect if you feel like splurging a little. Just don't count on the service.

Pricing: Around 1200 for a meal for two (without drinks)

Location: 34, Embassy Diamante, Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore


Unknown said...

They've opened on 100ft. Next to the Guess showroom. For those who don't want to get to Lavelle.

Angad Achappa said...

I think Sunny's has always been an over hyped place!! The new one opened at Indiranagar, even has shabby plastic tables outside!! :(
IMO Sunnyz is just an average place...

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