Saturday, March 26, 2011

Texas Fiesta (Not!)

Trying Mexican food has always been a bit of a risk: it could go either spectacularly well or disastrously wrong. Deciding to take the risk, we landed up at Texas Fiesta. The decor dominated by cowboy hats, mounted cow heads and a foosball table. It reminded me a little of Millers 46 (and I was hoping that the food would be just as good). The seating is comfortable and the slightly dimmed lights add a nice touch. 

Excited by the sheer amount of greasy food on offer, we ordered the Nachos with Fiesta Land dip and the Potato Wedges. The nachos lacked the essential crispy crunchiness and felt like they had been kept out for too long. The taste was very average and even generous addition of cheese failed to redeem the nachos. The potato wedges were OK (how can you go wrong with fried potatoes) but the cream dip it was served with was terrible. It lacked all semblance of flavour (even salt was completely missing) and we left the dip untouched. (At times it felt like the universe was punishing us for untold sins by stuffing us with large quantities of incredibly unhealthy and completely tasteless food)

Very wary after this we decided to just try one Veg Burrito. The Burrito was OK. The wrap tasted a lot like rumali roti and the rice, beans and salad inside were decently done. However, the dish did nothing to change our earlier wariness. We decide to cut our losses and quickly headed out. The bill came to Rs. 600 which I thought was quite expensive. Quantities at Texas Fiesta are fairly generous.

Maybe we ordered the wrong things, maybe its particularly bad for veggies, maybe we caught the chef on a bad day: who knows? But I do know that I won't be paying Texas Fiesta another visit any time soon (and quite frankly, neither should you). 

Pricing: Rs. 400 per person
Location: 17/2, Shaffee Mohammed Rd, Off Khader Nawaz Khan Rd., Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai
Landmark: Near Apollo Children's Hospital

  • Phone: 43087882


Unknown said...

whoa!!! i was thinking about going there sometime!! thanks for the warning!

also, you should ve gone to movenpick there!! they have reallllly nice waffles.

Unknown said...

I loooooove Mexicana. I gotta get over there

Anjana said...

"the universe was punishing us for untold sins" - shruti, drama queen drama queen!! but on a more serious note, this place sounds terrible! imagine screwing up potato wedges

Shruti said...

@kriti: I did exactly that. Waffles + ice cream at movenpick. It is terribly expensive though

@Ken: Avoid it, especially if you loooove Mexicana. The food is quite terrible

@Anjana: By now you should be used to the drama. You have to admit, it makes life interesting ;)

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