Tuesday, March 15, 2011

TLR Cafe, Delhi

I found myself in Delhi last weekend, and most surprisingly fell in love with the city. Between some typically touristy gawking, pigging out on Delhi street food and a whirlwind trip to Agra (Wah, Taj!) and Fatehpur Sikri (visit Now!), I managed to squeeze in time for an indulgent dinner at The Living Room Cafe.

Walk in and the place screams bohemian. A band on the ground floor and a manic looking artist on the first floor reiterated my first impression. The menu was pretty decent and had a good variety in both the vegetarian and non vegetarian section. TLR cafe largely serves continental food. Waiting to see if the food lived up to its ecclectic ambiance we quickly placed our orders. 

The service at this place is terrible. Constantly there when we were not ready to order and promptly disappearing when we were. It took them forever to get our orders and some dishes arrived nearly half hour after the others. 

Southern Madam ordered the lasagne and that was a mighty fine choice. This dish made with sheets of  flat pasta, cheese and minced lamb was done perfectly. The bolognaise sauce and incredibly tender meat deserve a special mention. This raised our hopes for the rest of the meal. Unfortunately, the chef proved to be slightly erratic.

I ordered the basil pesto which was just OK. The pesto sauce was creamy with a nice flavour and brocolli and leeks, sparse as they were, provided a nice crunchiness to the dish. There were way too many basil leaves for my liking and not enough veggies. The dish wasn't bad but it wasn't great either.

Banker Madam and Edward ordered the Munshi Munch and the Aubergene Parmigiana. The Munshi Munch was pasta in chili red sauce. Despite the presence of sun dried tomatoes (one of my all time fav ingredients), I am going to give this dish a thumbs down. No pasta should be this spicy and the spicy flavour wasn't complemented by the rest of the dish. The entire dish was somehow out of sorts.

The Aubergene Parmigiana  was very well done. The aubergine had a lovely smoky, grilled touch. The cheese and subtle tomato sauce complemented it quite well. The dish was, however, served with toasted bread as opposed to garlic bread which doesn't speak very well. This may sound snooty but it was a snooty sort of place.

If you know me (and by now, I am kind of hoping that you do), you know that none of my meals are complete without dessert. I ordered the creme brulee which was a bit underwhelming. Neither the caramel nor the custard made me go 'Wow!'. The hot choclate souffle oozing with molten chocolate and ice cream looked sinfully decadent. I made a mental note to try it the next time.

Quantites at TLR are good. If you go there, be prepared to loosen your purse strings. Prices here are quite steep and dining here is a bit of an indulgence (especially if you are in the business of alleviating poverty).

TLR has a nice artsy feel to it. It hosts a number of music and other events. TLR is more a place to be seen at than eat at. If you know what to order (and after my review, you should: the lasagne!) and aren't expecting good service then this is a fairly good option. TLR is also a great date place.

Pricing: A meal for two will cost you close to Rs. 2000. Please note that they add VAT of 12.5% for food and 20% for alcohol on your bill. 

Location:  No.31, Hauz Khas Village, Hauz Khas, Delhi

  • Landmark: Near Cotton Curio
  • Phone: 46080544, 46080533

P.S: All photos have been flicked off the net as my beloved cam is holed up in Bombay.

P.P.S: Kau, I am really really sorry. Please don't be mad. 


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