Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Koshy's: Go, despite the average food

I was in Bangalore over the weekend to: a) watch the EPIC match with the family; and b) pay my respects to Bangalore's restaurants. In an event nearly as momentous as India's victory, Rat finally condescended to meet with me. We decided to hit Koshy's for breakfast. Walk down St. Marks and you will spot this Bangalore institution at the Church Street-St.Marks Road junction.

We ordered the Mushroom Toast, Bacon Omlette and the Smilies. I also made the mistake of ordering the Chocolate Shake (Rs.53). This consisted of brown powder mixed with watery milk. After having a sip and then having another one (because surely it couldn't have been that bad), Rats and I left the milkshake(?) alone. The accompanying photo will show you exactly why I am whining so much about this. We later ordered Iced Teas which were the of the general Lipton variety.

AFTER (Eeeeugh!) 

While the Mushroom Toast I ordered was fine, it was nothing spectacular. I fancy that I could have dished up something similar at home (If you don't already know, I cook these days). The bacon omlette was good. The Smilies is nice, timepass food (as are most other fried potato snacks).

Mushroom Toast

Bacon Omlette

Smilies :) 

Nympho is a huge fan of the chicken liver at this place. The one thing you should never order at Koshy's is the French Toast (sweet) which was like bread soaked in sweet milk, with eggs on top. (Barf!) It makes my list of 'Most vile dishes I have eaten'

Koshy's makes a mean prawn curry which is generous in portions and reasonable in pricing.  I also hear their appams are good though I have never made it early enough on a Sunday morning to verify this.

I've been to Koshy's many many times and the food has consistently bordered on average with occasional moments of brilliance or deep despair. Despite its average fare and the array of better restaurants on offer, I find myself revisiting Koshy's. Why? Because it has the one thing that so many many restaurants today lack: Character.
Walk in and you will see a random assortment of individuals: middle aged men getting a beer just like they have every week for decades, grimy students in clothes that haven't been washed in this decade, old grandpas and grandmas, the list goes on. You could strike up random conversations or receive unsolicited advice about the book you are reading from  a woman who looks eerily like Helena Bonhom Carter. I love this sketch. It beautifully captures the essence of Koshy's (What do you think?)

Thanks to Google Images and Jai Iyer

Koshy's is one of those rare places where I am going to suggest that you don't go by my (or any other reviewer's) opinion. Go and find out for yourself. You will either love the old-world, laid back atmosphere that it exemplifies or dismiss it as a pretentious place which is not worth the price. There are enough supporters for both points of view but I must admit I firmly belong in the former. There is something familiar, almost comforting about Koshy's (even its average food).

Make sure you go to the older, more battered portion of Koshy's, not the new one with plush decors. I just don't think that has the same magic. 

P.S: They don't open till 9 a.m. Once, Nympho and I stayed up all night in gluttonous excitement and got there bright and early only to find closed doors. We then spent the next two hours walking up and down a deserted St.Marks/Brigade Road with other suspect Bangalore elements. (Good times!)

Pricing: Rs. 200 per person
Location: 39 St. Marks Road, St. Marks Road, Bangalore

  • Phone: 22213793, 22915840


MT said...

they eat the liver of the chicken..??? wow!

Anonymous said...

Hey thats a yummy read! :D Making me hungry as always.. hmm.. being a blore foodie.. m sure u ve tried out fava? the med restaurant..http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fava-Experience-the-Med/187312881309263

Shruti said...

Hi Raji,

Though I have grabbed a quick bite at Fava, am yet to review it. I should go and have a proper meal there and blog about it soon.

Keep reading :)

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