Sunday, May 1, 2011

Candies, Bombay

Bombay is a great city which has many, many things to offer but Candies has the one thing that is nearly non-existent in Bombay: SPACE. I climbed past the ground floor and was transported out of clustered, claustrophobic Bombay to a sprawling 5(?) storeyed, colonial mansion. Candies has various levels: sky garden, the forest, the room of lamps and some others that I cannot remember. Tables are scattered all over the place and in true Bombay style, every nook and cranny is utilized. Unlike most other Bombay establishments however, there is walking space between the tables. While the cramped cafe style of Leo's and Mondy's has its own charm, it was nice to sit at a table without being privy to the conversation at the 4 adjacent ones. The eclectic tile art work, the tributes to Michael Jackson and the lush green trees all around add to the casual charm of the place.

Ambiance aside, the food is largely pre-cooked and its a takeaway/ fast food sort of place. The food is average: not too bad not memorable either. It's greasy food that is definitely not good for your weight. But that has never been a deterrent and this time proved no different. I raided the salad bar and Nympho ordered the chicken fry both of which were OK.

The dessert at Candies is way better than its food. We tried a variety of the tiny desserts and I heartily recommend the jelly slice and the chocolate tart.

As wonderful as the ambiance is, the wait at the place is tortuous. It's self service and the lines are serpentine. It took us nearly half an hour to get our order and Nympho claims that this is the fastest service she has seen. They now have a counter on the fourth floor which is less crowded and infinitely quicker. Definitely try that.

The prices at Candies are very reasonable and quantities generous. Candies also attracts a lot of teenagers and can feel like a high school hang out at times. We walked out of there feeling old and very, very full.

I think you would be hard pressed to find another place like this in Bombay.

This review stands only for the Candies at Pali Hill and not for the other branches.

Pricing: Rs. 200 for a meal
Location: Mac Ronells, 5AA Pali Hill, St. Andrews Road, Near Learners Academy, Pali Hill, Bandra West, Mumbai
  • Landmark: Near Near D'Monte Park
  • Phone: 26424124, 26422324, 26432425, 26430728

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Vatsala said...

My 'non-Bombayness' is reflected in the fact that I've never been here. :( Have heard a lot about the desserts, will go sometime! I love these two lines - ;It's greasy food that is definitely not good for your weight. But that has never been a deterrent and this time proved no different.' :D

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