Sunday, May 15, 2011

Saltwater Cafe, Bombay: Terrible Service

I wanted to make my last meal in Bombay an indulgent one. After much discussion we decided to try Saltwater Cafe in Bandra. The first thing that struck us was the service. They kept us waiting (even though we had reserved a table), and left us in limbo for over fifteen minutes. Bored and tired, we jumped at the first vacant table and claimed it as our own and then began the long process of catching the waiter's eye. If you haven't already figured it out, terrible service will emerge as a recurrent theme in this review.

We placed the order for food and drinks. The drinks order took ages to arrive and it was all mixed up. The waiter was not entirely sure what we ordered or what he was serving. None of the drinks were spectacular, though Sassy's Melon Sangria was a fine choice.

The food arrived in bits and parts. Kocch's food arrived halfway through our meal (Maybe it was the chef's punishment for ordering a sandwich). On the bright side, the food was pretty good. A special mention to the impeccably done Lasagna. Sassy's steak was well done. The pastas were decent but neither blew my mind.

Being firm believers in the 'there-is-always-room-for-dessert' theory, we couldn't leave without indulging our sweet tooths. The baked cheesecake was 'melt-in-your-mouth' delicious.

The (flour less?) chocolate cake that we made much fun of turned out to be wonderful and surprisingly, not too heavy.

The tiramisu was so-so and my least favourite of the desserts. 

Portions are sufficient, service terrible and prices steep. While the food is pretty decent, this place definitely needs to pull its socks up. Bombay has no dearth of great restaurants and standing out requires more than a snooty attitude (I hope). 

The loo at the Saltwater Cafe is cute and clean. 

Pricing: Rs. 1000 per person

Location: Rose Minar Annexe, 87, Chapel Road, Next to Mount Carmel Church, Bandra Reclamation, Bandra West, Mumbai

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Ashi said...

You know I have to disagree with you. In Bombay it is a norm to have to wait outside for 15 minutes or more if it is a popularish place, it is the norm more than an exception. As for saltwater you must have caught them on a bad day because I frequent the place and they have really warm waiters. Also, it is a non vegers nee. Fish/Pork eaters paradise. If sassy was there she should've tried the famous pork chorizos they are the best I have ever had. Also their fish is exceptional even by Bombay standards.

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