Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ecstasy, Chennai

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a dessert person. Which is why it's surprising that it's taken me nearly a year to try out Ecstasy. The place is calm, quiet and a welcome break from the madness that is Sathyam Cinemas. The minimalist, white decor puts the focus of the entire place on the dessert bar which is exactly where we want it to be. 

Ecstasy ascribes to the designer food philosophy and the desserts are all dressed up. Vibrant colours, cute designs and edible accessories: if nothing else, the food looks fabulous. I'm always wary of things that look too good and approached the desserts with caution. The good news is that most of them taste as nice as they look.

The Duja is a basil, lemon and chocolate concoction on a hard dark chocolate base. It was surprisingly good. The texture was mousse-y and the flavours light. While Italian Mama thought there was a little too much basil in it, I thought it was perfect. It's a tricky dessert and could go terribly wrong but I think Ecstasy's version managed to walk on the right side of the line.


Le Chocolatier was a chocolate rose served with chocolate ice cream. The dish was very very rich with a dark chocolate layer at the very bottom. Sure to satisfy all you chocoholics.

Le Chocolatier

The Hazelnut was a huge disappointment. Aside from the tiny layer of hazelnut in the centre, the dessert didn't stay true to it's name. Despite all the sugar, it didn't really taste of anything. Bleh! Even the texture was a little jarring. I recommend that you stay away from this one.

The Hazelnut

I am a huge fan of the Liquorice-Raspberry tart. There is a just an undertone of Liquorice in the sour-sweet tart and the two unusual companions blend well together.

Liquorice-Raspberry Tart

The blueberry cheesecake here is a winner. The tiny cheesecake is a served in massive bowl with a jelly stick sort of thing. It has a lovely cracker crust and delectable cream cheese filling. Definitely my favourite cheesecake in Chennai.
 The Flak, a rich caramel-chocolate mousse on a Ferrero Rocher crust, is decadent. Every bite tastes rich caramel goodness. It's a little too rich though and is the sort of dessert that will have you bursting out of your pants.

Blueberry Cheesecake

Praline Pops

Dark Essence 

The service at Ecstasy is good. They don't bother you and let you stay on for as long as you want. The place is largely empty (much to my surprise) and is a great place to unwind and relax. It could also be a great date place.

If you are in the city, feeling a little decadent and want to indulge your sweet tooth, this place is a must visit.

Pricing: Rs.100-150 (per person)
Location: Inside the Sathyam Cinemas compound. Just outside the theatre itself.
Phone: 43920444


manoj said...

Loved t

MT said...

I have been there exactly 2 times... both not with Vinithra

Its one of my fav locations to relax and calm down.

Do you know the Chamiers Cafe? I love that too. Try visiting that cafe. Its totally different from all the other cafe's. It is right next to Oxy Spa on the Chamiers road.

MT said... this is the place.. give it a try..

Kimia Kline said...

definitely need to give this a try. will make kenny take me next week :)

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