Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Soup and Salad Cafe: Don't be fooled by the name

Trying to balance my blogging needs and impending obesity, I decided to check out the healthy sounding Soup and Salad Cafe this week. The ambiance at this place rates really high. Cute interiors with some witty signage. They have books, a foosball table, board games, wi-fi connectivity and a TV. All that remained to be seen was whether the food matched up to the promise. 

After ordering a staggering amount of food, we secretly reveled in the boy band music that was playing in the background (Seriously, Quit Playing Games with my Heart!). 

The Chips Ahoy (potato, onions, and potato chips doused in mint sauce) receives a thumbs down from me. Even the overdose of potatoes couldn't compensate for the bland taste, excessive onions and dressing. Another salad that suffered from too much onions was the spicy paneer. It consisted of five pieces of paneer and raw onions. Terrible, terrible.

Spicy Paneer Salad

The Famous Kaamatein High Salad tasted great but it wasn't actually a salad. With rajma dal, crunchy peanuts, potatoes and liberal dressing it tasted more like a westernized chat than anything else. Yes, it was tasty but it wasn't what we signed up for. And this is true of most of the salads that day. The Mexican Salad was filled with crunchy nachos, buttered mushrooms and some peppers. It tasted nothing like a salad should but more like a Mexican snack. Admittedly, a Mexican snack that we liked.

The Nicoise was more like a salad though this too was plagued by the chef's onion obsession. So many raw onions! The South West Grilled Chicken was definitely the best of the salads but then again the dressing was excessive. In all fairness to the Soup and Salad Cafe, overdose of dressing seems to a common affliction with most salad places. And no, that doesn't make it right.


In the soup section, we tried the 'Popeye goes to Itay' and Minestrone soup. The former is a creamy spinach soup with some pasta. It  was passable but nothing great. It lacked the wholesome goodness that recommends most soups. The Minestrone was pretty decent: warm and full of veggies. It's not the best in the city but it will do.

Popeye goes to Italy

The best thing about the place was the wraps. It was light, slightly spicy wrap with nicely grilled panner/chicken in it. Possibly the healthiest thing we had that night.

Paneer Wrap

Of course, the same couldn't be said of the Mornay Pasta which was melted cheese with some penne and olives thrown in. I couldn't put more than a spoon in my mouth. So much cheese and just cheese. While it may satisfy some, this is definitely not good pasta in my books.


For dessert, we ordered almost everything they had on the menu. Keeping in line with the rest of the meal, the desserts were a let down too. Most of the desserts were dry and tasted synthetic. The Mocha Truffle Cake in particular had an unpleasant after taste. Stay away from the desserts here but if you must order something, then the Chocolate Mousse Cake is your best bet.

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Blueberry Cheesecake

Death by Chocolate

While Soup and Salad cafe has the ambiance all sorted out, they really need to concentrate on their food. The salads were terrible and the ones that we did like had no resemblance to salads at all. If you want a nice snack, this is not a bad place to head towards but if you go by the name you are going to be mighty disappointed.

Service is OK, portions sufficient and the loo clean. Prices are pretty reasonable. 

This review stands for the Adyar branch only.

Pricing: Rs. 120 per person
Location: 30, Kasthurbha Nagar, 1st Cross street, Adyar , Chennai
  • Landmark: End Of the lane adjacent to Ramkay TVS
  • Phone: 42114504, 9551777000

A big shout out to my peeps who braved the rain, flooded roads and Chennai auto drivers to join me on this review.

L to R: Renee, Bhaps, Nammu, Nathu

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