Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Jelly Belly, Chennai: Stay Away

I've been meaning to pay this place a visit due to its proximity, the fact that it serves desserts (duh!) and because I can actually shake my belly like a bowlful of jelly. Bad jokes aside, Jelly Belly has been on my 'list' and last night I finally got around to it.

We walked in and were immediately taken in by the desserts on display. We soon discovered that they have no menu. Your only source of information is the chef/waiter. I found that highly disconcerting. How much effort does it take to take a piece of paper, write down what you are serving and the prices and paste it in a prominent part of the restaurant. 

After grilling the waiter for a good ten minutes, we placed our orders. The strawberry souffle, choco-brownie souffle and cheesecake all tasted similar. The texture was synthetic & mousse-like and the dessert started with an after-taste. Of the three, the choco-brownie souffle was definitely the best but that's not saying much. 

Strawberry Souffle

Choco-Brownie Souffle

The cheesecake tasted like milk. Really. To be fair, the crust was pretty good but the cake itself was wrong. If I had to pick out the worst dessert of the night (and trust me, that was a tough contest) I would choose this. Deeptha recommends their strawberry cheesecake but I doubt if I shall be trying that any time soon. 


We also ordered the apple pie. This was the best dessert of the night and the only one we managed to finish. The pie was dry, the apple pieces too chunky and hard but overall it was OK. I wouldn't recommend it but if you do find yourself forced to eat here, the apple pie might be your best bet. 

Apple Pie

Just as we were about to leave, we discovered that they also serve salads and sandwiches. Since they don't possess a menu we only discovered this courtesy some stellar questioning by Bhaps. Bhaps and I decided to stay back and give this place one more chance. We ordered the chilli-cheese toast. This consisted of toasted bread with a three inch layer of cheese in it and some spring onions. Needless to say, it was terrible. At Rs.120, it was a complete rip off. 

Chilli Cheese Toast

To be fair to Jelly Belly, their interiors are cute. I especially liked their cute napkin holders. If only they had put as much effort into their food and a menu. 

If it isn't clear already, my advise would be to STAY AWAY from this place. If you want to indulge your sweet tooth there are much better places to do it at (stop by Sri Krishna Sweets which is right next door). Only a severe lack of judgment, or the presence of Brad Pitt, will see me at this place again. 

Pricing: Rs. 100 per person
Location: E-37, 2nd avenue, Beasant Nagar, Chennai (Click here to find it on Google Maps)
Landmark: Below Eden, Beasant Nagar
Phone: 24460777

L to R: Sharanya, Koths, Bhaps

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