Sunday, December 11, 2011

Goa Diaries: Arambol

It was a Bhatia birthday last week and using that as an excuse we decided to visit the birthday girl in Goa. 

Happy Birthday Pooj! 

Arambol beach is in North Goa, and an hour's drive from the airport. The view is postcard pretty, the crowd is largely Israeli and Russian and the vibe is very laid back. Thankfully, the beach is not yet over-commercialized and both crowds & prices remain manageable. There are no fancy resorts or hotels and you will have to stay in a minimalist beach shack. The lack of internet and phone connectivity made this a true vacation.

Arambol at sunset

Arambol Beach

I embraced the life of beach bum with much enthusiasm. I donned electric blue kaftans and bright red sunglasses, lazed by the beach all day and even got crazy hair braids. 

Me in my beach bum avatar

Unsurprisingly, we spent a lot of time indulging our stomachs. The food at Armabol is uniformly average. Nothing mindblowing, nothing too bad either.

Don't be fooled by the pictures, the food was just average

The one stand out was Fellinis and the food here was fabulous. Wonderful wood-fire pizzas, great ingredients and some mouth-watering cheese had us dining here everyday. I highly recommend the pizzas and pastas. The desserts are a little bit of a let down but even I am willing to forgive that. The German bakery across the street is pretty decent. 

Must visit: Fellini's
Thanks to CNN for the picture

Arambol also has a number of shops stocking an assortment of clothes, accessories, musical instruments and anything else you may need. Interestingly, a lot of the shops have Russian signage. 

Street Stalls

Be sure to take a walk down by the beach at night when the sea and the many restaurants with their candle lights offer a gorgeous view.

Arambol by night: The picture doesn't do it justice

I had a fantabulous time in Arambol. I rode the waves, played frisbee, watched dolphins, star gazed, watched sunsets and just enjoyed my vacation. I partook in nothing more taxing than reading a book. If this appeals to you, then Arambol is your place.


A huge shout out to Bhaps, Nammu, Mattu, Delvan, Fred and Mal, without whom this trip wouldn't have been as much fun.

L to R: Fred, Mal, Bhaps, Me, Nammu and Mattu
And Delvan in the back

As always, I cannot over-emphasize the importance of long bathing suits for men. The sight of ungainly, middle-aged men frolicking in their tight undies is disturbing, to say the least.

P.S: If you are in Arambol on a Saturday night, be sure to catch DJ Rani at Sporting Heroes (Its open till 4 am!)


Ken Macklin said...

4am .. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhtttttttttt ??? Tat alone shud be reason enuf :-/ anywys its GOA, shudnt be a surprise :)

Namaste Natalie said...

Oh! How I miss all of you oh so much!!! Happy to see the blog is back!

Sherly said...

Ohhh...b'day celebration at Goa...woooooo... awesome..:-)

Eni said...

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