Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Biere Club, Bangalore

I wanted to try a new joint in B'lore this time and Lin took me to The Biere Club on Lavelle Road. Its one of these new fancy microbeweries that seem to have taken over the city. The massive wall painting on one side apes the one at Mondy's in Bombay.

Look familiar?
The menu took me a little by surprise. Is it now normal to pay Rs.350 for a mug of beer? Everyone around me seemed to be doing it with gusto. Reluctantly, I decided to try it out and ordered one of their wheat brews. It had a sweet-orangey flavour to it which I thought was pretty interesting. 

Lin ordered the Cilantro Chicken Drumsticks and I ordered the Char grilled Vegetable Shwarma. The spices came together in the former and it was an explosion of flavour in your mouth. I really liked it. However, they seemed to have exhausted all their salt and spices in the previous dish. The shwarma was TERRIBLE. No salt, no spice, even the vegetables seemed listless. We couldn't even finish it. 

Cilantro Chicken Drumsticks
The Awful Vegetable Shwarma

Most of the desserts on the menu were not present that day, so my sweet tooth remained unsatisfied.

As I sat in The Briere Club what struck me was how this establishment and its patrons epitomized new Bangalore: uber wealthy, uber yuppie and  totally characterless. I was aimlessly wandering around the city when it struck me that the people in the city increasingly look the same. The same sort of clothes, the same sort of hair, the same designer bags & shoes, the same snooty, hoity-toity air. 

And it got me wondering: What happened to old Bangalore?? Where are the hippies? The musicians? The grubby book lovers? The bargain hunters on Commercial Street? The kids who spend all their time at India Coffee House because its the only place they can afford? The people who eat with equal gusto at the Darshinis and Sunny's? When did we become a city that is excited about sales at Zara's? When did the city begin to replicate South Delhi? Surely, I can't be THAT old?

Are you a fellow old-Bangalorean, suddenly lost in the city? Contact me. Maybe we can resist the "Attack of the Yuppies"

Send in the Clones!

P.S: Thanks Lin for accompanying me


Unknown said...

Shru, your blogs are always a delight to read. This one, in particular, resonates so deeply with what I feel is happening across vast swathes of urban India, that I was compelled to comment immediately and not make a mental note to self to discuss with you later (of course, given recent history the chances of that happening are also erratic). I am not an old Bangalorean (and neither do I live in the city anymore) but count me in with you on attempts to resist the yuppification of India, in general.
Love, Gitanjali

Anshum Gupta said...

I'm not sure if Bangalore is close to South Delhi for now but yes, it seems to be moving in that direction (which is not what any 'sensible' soul would ask for). Aptly said, where's the 'old Bangalore'? Where's the 'character'?
That's a +1 on most of what you've said there!

Satyajit said...

I live in and love South Delhi. There may, just saying, be a few things worth seeing there too. :-p

moonlite:D said...

i've not seen South Delhi, so can't say much abt it!!
I'm a die-hard bangalorean.. Being grown up here, I've seen the changes in this city, n I so miss my old bangalore!!

This feeling somehow has led me to try out the old-bangalore eateries.. the only sigh factor!

Shruti said...

@Satyajit: I like South Delhi too (for the most bit) but I do object to Bangalore becoming its clone. One South Delhi is enough, no?

@rest: I agree. What happened to Old Bangalore? It still exists in pockets but even those pockets seem to be dwindling.

Anonymous said...

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Vismitha said...

This is what annoys me. Liking this restaurant just because it has beer and half your friends like it! The madness!

Sunaina said...

Heh Shruti,

If you looking for old blore, for that place with musicians, hippes,a place where you have the space to breathe, where you come to pursue a passion, you should definitely head to the restaurant called CounterCulture in Whitefield. And you shud visit the place on one of their gig nights in the weekend. Google it and you shud get the details..

Kiran said...

350 for a pint!! Gulp, not the happy beer drinking gulp , more like the choking gulp. Yet to visit this place, But here in Pune the costs are much more reasonable , Doolally brews the best beer I have ever downed and they they have happy hours \0/ everyday , even on weekends and charge just 70 bucks a pint flat for all their brews, the variety of beer keeps changing every month or so with some of them constant like the Bavarian wheat beer.

Unknown said...

the only best part of biere was helped me choose the least worst beer...very disappointed ... no hard feelings promoters of biere ...its a fact

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