Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Cupcake Company, Chennai

The Cupcake Company
Sugar, sugar, sugar: Sometimes its all I can think about. And as part of my sugar jaunt I visited The Cupcake Company. The place is quite pretty with muted interiors and the white flowers were a nice touch. It's primarily a take away place with just one table.

The Death by Chocolate was a huge hit with us. The cupcake was soft and moist, the texture great and the chocolate wasn't excessive. I also had a bite of Nia's red velvet which I quite liked. It was no Hummingbird Bakery but it would do. 

Death by Chocolate

The Plain Jane was decent enough. Nothing I would order again but I had no complaints about the texture and taste. 

Plain Jane

And then the downslide started. The Cookie and Cream, the Sticky Date and the Tiramisu. Each dry, crumbly and way below average. I don't think they made any effort with these cupcakes at all. Sticking cream and dusting a few coffee flakes on top of a dry, unappetizing cupcake does not a Tiramisu make and definitely does not justify the 130 rupees (yes, you read it right Rs. 130) they charge. 
Cookies and Cream


The overarching feeling as we left The Cupcake Company was one of being ripped off. The cupcakes were largely mediocre and the price charged exorbitant. I also dock huge points from The Cupcake Company for using disposable cutlery. Each cupacke came in a plastic box-type thing and plastic spoons were being used aplenty. Hello? The environment? 

Having said that, I think despite its mediocrity The Cupcake Company will do well. For two reasons: a) There is a huge demand for nice dessert and there are very few places in Chennai that cater to that segment. I haven't come across any other shop in Chennai that serves half decent cupcakes.  If you know of one, contact me ASAP and b) Because the proprietors of The Cupcake Company have created that perfect kitschy, artsy, bourgeoisie air that upper middle class India loves.  

To give credit where credit is due, their cheesecake was fabulous and hands down the best I have had so far in Chennai. Someday when I am feeling indulgent, I will be back for that. 


Pricing: Rs. 90-130 per cupcake
Location: 187 St Marys Road, Alwarpet , Chennai
Landmark: Next to The Raintree Hotel

  • Thanks to Nia, Nammu, Gaythri and Shweta for accompanying me. 

L to R: Gayathri, Shweta, Nia and Nammu

PS: Love my blog? Disagree with me? Want me to review a specific establishment? Comment here or email me! 


Priya said...

Hey... I went to this place and quite liked it.. It was a bit pricey tho.. I liked Truly Scrumptious and Nandini Reddy's cakes and cupcakes

Tanz said...

I am not from Chennai or Bangalore but I love your reviews and follow your blog whenever there is an update :)

Deepak Karthik said...

yummy yummy post :)

rajesh jethwani said...

hi, i'd like you to review and write about my friend's (vandana) establishment namely ensemble foods. for some of the best cheese cakes and other delectable desserts vandana chohan can be reached on 9841089112. thank you :)

Shruti said...

@ Priya: What cupcakes did you order?

@Tanz: Thanks. That comment made my day ;)

@Deepak: Thanks

@Rajesh: Does she have a store I can visit?

rajesh jethwani said...

its a bakery, she takes orders for high tea, corporate orders and door delivery too. i'd like you to try the desserts once, so if you could inbox me your number on facebook i could ask her to get in touch with you and send you some samples if possible. thanks again shruthi :)

Priya said...

It was quite sometime ago and I don't exactly remember the names.. I mostly ordered chocolate based ones.. I do admit it's really pricey but it's the only place where you can get cupcakes.. The other places that I mentioned, it must be pre-ordered and stuff

Shruti said...

@Rajesh: Sure. That sounds good.

@Priya: Ya, the chocolate cupcakes we had were good too. Everything else, unfortunately, fell apart.

And I agree, that is why this place will do well, because there is nowhere else to get cupcakes.

Cal_Madras_Girl said...

Hey Shruti! :) I went to the opening of this place & was far from impressed. I thought it was a lot of prettiness with little substance. Most of the cupcakes did not taste good at all. I'm not expecting NYC's Magnolia or Buttercup Bakery quality -- but Chennai deserves good baked treats, too! It's a nice attempt though. TC, Subha

Victoryperfect said...

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Supraja said...

@Shruti: i finally found my way to your amazing blog... i m enjoying every read .. truly amazing..
As for cup cake company: definitely agree on all your insights.. cheesecake tops the list.. also try the pink panther, its amazing.. like spring in ones mouth.. totally adore that cupcake.. you should try it..

Also i just tried out TRULY SUMPTUOUS ... it was a distaster.. the cupcakes were raw inside and cream was terrible.. and it was all sticking to the paper it was engulfed with.

Cup cake company rocks in all the above though pricy..

keep writing.. looking forward to alot more reads..

With best regards
Supraja Ramani

P.S : cup cake company owner comes to our aerobics. :)

Shruti said...

@Subha: I agree. Chennai deserves baked treats too.

@VictoryPerfect: Thanks! :) The subscribe by email button is just at the bottom of the page. You can click on that or join the site.

@Supraja: Haven't been to Truly Scrumptious yet. I had high hopes for the place :( I must go to the Cupcake Company soon and have some more of the delectable cheesecake.

You must come on a review meal, sometime.

yadhav said...

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neethu said...

Thank you for the info. It sounds pretty user friendly. I guess I’ll pick one up for fun. thank u

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uppal86 said...

For all those people who are basing their judgements about the cupcake company based on what 2 or 3 odd people are saying should check out their FB page and see the customer reviews and testimonials , they have more than 5000 likes on their page and that truly stands for something..sadly blogging is not about badgering but about review good and bad and ones point of view..also this blog is coming from someone who has had cupcakes from magnolia / sprinkles / crumbs in the u.s to hummingbird in london..and while sprinkles and hummingbird was good magnolia wasn't..

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