Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Rogue Elephant, Bangalore

While young and fashionable Bangalore was out partying the weekend away, I decided to take my beleaguered self  restaurant hopping. There were definite hits and definite misses, but in keeping with tradition I am going to start with a place I liked. 

The Rogue Elephant has been on my hit list for years now and I finally managed to visit this charming little establishment by Ulsoor Lake. The place has a cute doll-house charm to it. Given the mostly fabulous Bangalore weather, the open air touch is wonderful. The other thing I really liked about Rogue Elephant is the small and simple menu. Two short pages from appetizers to dessert and drinks. Too many new restaurants are churning page after page of complicated, incomprehensible menus. The clean menu was refreshing and we quickly made our choices. 

I decided to try my luck with Susanna, a pesto pasta. The sauce was quite good, unfortunately there was too much of it. The pasta was smothered in the sauce which prevented it from being truly good. The penne was well done and the choice of veggies was good. Either specifically ask them to go easy on the sauce or avoid this dish. 


Pooja ordered the Herb Roast Chicken. The lemon-butter-garlic sauce this came in was yummy! The herb seasoning was very subtle and well done. The accompanying mashed potatoes and veggies were also wonderful. This dish gets a huge thumbs up for me. Definite comfort food. 

Herb Roast Chicken

For dessert we chose to go with a classic: Apple Pie and Ice Cream. The pie was warm, the apple just right and the crust soft. There are definitely better pies out there but this one is definitely worth your money. 

Apple Pie
They have a really cute and clean loo. The restaurant is attached to an artsy-ethnicy store. The sort of place where I could spend money that I don't have. After browsing for a few minutes, I quickly beat a retreat before my materialistic urges took over. 

Overall, I recommend the Rogue Elephant. The food is decent and the prices affordable. It's also a cosy date spot. 

And hey, Happy New Year. I hope you have a fantabulous year. I'm fervently hoping I do ;)

Pricing: Rs. 350 per person. Preview the menu here. 
Location: No 119, Annaswamy Mudaliar Rd, Ambara Complex, Ulsoor Lake, Aga Abbas Ali Road, Ulsoor, Bangalore


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