Monday, March 12, 2012

The Galle Food Guide

The promised Galle food guide is finally here.

Before we begin:
a) We only ate in the fort area.
b) All the restaurants in the area are charming, over-priced with decent food. I encourage you to try as many as you can. We did that and paid return visits to the ones that we truly liked.
c) Temper your expectations. We didn't find any mind-blowing restaurants in Galle. Una and Colombo both had way better food to offer.
d) We heard rumours about street food stalls in the evening. Despite going sniffing around in every corner of Galle fort, we were unable to locate these stalls.
e) I have ranked the places in increasing order.

And now, lets get to it

4) Mama Galle's Roof Cafe: This place was much touted in our guide book and the packed cafe heightened our expectations. Unfortunately, these expectations took a nose dive. The grilled veggies and pasta were both very very average.

The honey-glazed banana fritters with ice cream and the coconut pudding both failed to hit our sweet spot.

We walked away from Mama Galle's with not so happy stomachs. Maybe you will have better luck if you order the curries.

3) Serendipity: We braved the blazing Sri Lankan sun and trudged to Serendipity's for a late breakfast.
 Ask to be seated in the terrace. The terrace is cool, charming and largely empty. A wonderful place to have some coffee and food while reading a book.

The food at this place is pretty decent too. I especially recommend the gourmet hoppers. These are appams with stuffing of your choice: cheese, veggies, fruits, etc. They have some really nice coffee too.

They also provide you with cards and games to help you while your afternoon away.

2) Anura's: This place was rumoured to have Galle's best pizza, so we headed here for a late lunch.

The pizza was quite disappointing. If this is Galle's best, you would be better off not having any. But you must still visit Anura's because they dish up some fabulous curry.  The curry was light, flavourful and filling. It wasn't spicy but didn't compromise on taste either. I absolutely loved it. I highly recommend it.

They have pretty decent chocolate pancakes too. It's a little thick but the gooey chocolate makes up for it.

1) Royal Dutch Tea Shop: This is my pick in Galle. We just visited this place for tea and snacks but it was fabulous. Everything from the menu to the kitschy curios shop behind set this place apart.
The tea was wonderful as were the home-made ginger biscuits. We wolfed them down pretty quickly. The cinammon cake was a little dry but tasted OK.  Head here for Galle's best tea.

Thanks to Ganje for being my partner in gluttony.

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Anjana said...

In re Serendipity, they will also play dhinchak Bollywood music for you if they realise you're Indian. Though why you'd want to eat your hoppers to the tune of "Munni badnam hui" beats me! Also Shrutiiii, I don't agree with your review of Anura's pizzas. I think they were quite yum!

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